HollywoodLife.com Exclusive: Ryan Good Tells Us How He Became Justin Bieber's 'Swagger Coach!'

Justin Bieber always looks fly, but it doesn't come without help. Meet the man behind the Biebs' hot style, Ryan Good! Justin Bieber didn't just develop his swagger out of thin air! It came with some help from his talented, down-to-earth stylist, Ryan Good. HollywoodLife.com had the opportunity to chat with the man behind the swagger about how he became one of Justin's most trusted confidants, the advice he gives the Biebs when it comes to girls (it worked with Selena Gomez!) and where he sees his "little brother"'s style evolving.

HL: Ryan, your official title is “road manager” but your job entails much more than that. Can you explain to us what you do on a day to day basis while traveling with Justin’s camp?

RG: I’m Justin’s stylist so I basically work with him to decide on what gear, etc. he wears. I’ve worn a lot of hats on the road with him over the past few years with none being more important than big brother.

HL: You were Usher’s assistant, how did that job differ from this?

RG: Haha. I was actually, and Usher will tell you the same, a terrible assistant. I made the transition to stylist when usher told me he admired my personal style and taste in clothing. He actually called me with the idea that I’d be a perfect fit in helping develop Justin as an artist.

HL: Where are you from, and how did you get in this game in the first place?

RG: I’m from Jupiter, Flor. I don’t know. I’m very blessed to be in the position I’m in. I’m just a beach boy from Florida who worked really hard and had some luck.

HL: Do you give Justin advice on girls? What kind of advice do you give him?

RG: I just tell him to be himself and never be afraid to laugh at yourself.

HL: How do you help Justin stay grounded and not get big headed?

RG: He’s got a few people around him that have his best interest always. The most important thing, way ahead of success, is that he continues to evolve into man of integrity.

HL: How can we expect Justin’s style/attitude to evolve?

RG: I think like any person, his tastes and personal style will evolve as he’s exposed to different things and as his music evolves.

HL: How did the swagger coach thing start?

RG: Haha. It was a joke between me and JB that I guess was something we could laugh at. Its funny how people took it as something real as ridiculous as it sounds. Haha. Clearly, I’m not cool enough to take on a position of that stature. Haha.

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Reporting by Jessica Finn

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