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'Bachelor' Brad Womack Breaks The Rules & Tells Emily Maynard: 'I Love You!'

Mon, February 28, 2011 10:24pm EDT by 1 Comment

Has Brad forgotten that he’s on ‘The Bachelor?’ He shouldn’t be telling Emily that he’s in love with her until the final rose ceremony!

So much for previews leading us to believe that Emily Maynard doesn’t accept Brad Womack‘s fantasy suite key. On the Feb. 28 episode, Emily does in fact spend the night with Brad. And, it’s there that Brad breaks all the rules — confessing to Emily that he’s falling in love with her!

During this episode, Brad has three overnight dates with the girls in South Africa.

Chantal O’Brien gets the first date. Brad takes her on an incredible safari wilderness and they stop to have lunch by a hippo pond. In the evening, they share a romantic dinner that gets cut short when Chantal accepts the fantasy suite key. Brad leads her to a tree house in the middle of no where. They spend the night together and the cameras cut as they fall back onto pillows making out.

“It’s like an adventure, love story, fairytale all mixed into one,” Chantal gushes. “I am so caught up in this moment and never thought I would be here with Brad. I am hoping I will be flying home with Brad, knowing that he loves me and wants to be with me.”

Emily gets the second date in Sabi Sands, South Africa. “I’ve been looking forward to seeing Emily all week — every time I see her, I light up,” Brad tells the cameras. Brad then runs off, saying that he forgot something, but comes back riding an elephant. Emily gets on behind Brad and the tour guide. Talk about the ride of a life! “This is like the Lion King, but better,” Emily smiles.

Brad then surprises Emily even more when he tells her a secret.

“I miss your daughter,” Brad confesses to her. “Does she understand what it means if we start spending time together? I’ve thought about her a lot. I would make every effort. You are a package deal, and I love that about you.”

“I’ve never crossed this bridge before,” Emily answers. “But, I’ve been ready.”

After such a perfect day, can the evening go just as well? “I don’t want you to question anything,” Emily starts off. “I am so excited about the idea of you and I and Ricky. If I am the person you can see yourself with, I just want to do it.”

Emily wants to tell Brad that she loves him over dinner, but gets too nervous. “I have only said, ‘I love you,’ to one person in my whole life,” Emily says. “I did not have the guts to tell Brad, ‘I love you,’ at dinner. Falling in love scares me to death.”

But once they are alone, Emily opens up. “I want you to know that I’m absolutely, completely falling in love with you,” she says.

“I didn’t expect that,” Brad responds. “I’m falling in love with you too. I’m not going to sit here and listen to that and not say anything back. It makes me the happiest guy in the world to hear you say the same thing.” Wow! Did that really happen? Brad actually said, “I love you!”

Ashley Hebert gets the third date. Sadly Brad and Ashley have never discussed their combined futures. Brad tries to explain his concerns, but both him and Ashley seem hurt and lost. “I don’t want to throw you off,” Brad says to her. “I’m definitely looking for the future.”

“Ashley was the one I cared about the most at the beginning,” Brad explains. “But now I need more than that.”

Brad doesn’t see a future with Ashley anymore. He sends her home, leaving him with the final two contestants.

Who do you think will get Brad’s final rose — Emily or Chantal?

– Lindsey DiMattina