'Desperate Housewives' Recap: Bree Dumps Keith & Gabby Attacks A Nun… Again!

Gabby had a major revelation last night... but will she learn from it? Probably not. The Feb. 20 episode of Desperate Housewives should have been called "Daddy Issues," because that's exactly what the residents of Wisteria Lane struggled with for the entire hour. Gabby was forced to "confront" her dead, abusive stepfather; Bree helped Keith deal with his newly-revealed son; and Paul and Zach finally dealt with the biggest issue between them: Mary Alice's suicide.

Gabby’s daddy issues turned out to be more like nun-issues, as she had second face-off with one of God’s ladies this week. Apparently, as a child, Gabby told one of the nuns at her school that she was being abused by her step-father — but the nun told her she was making things up and should be ashamed of herself. Gabby finally got closure in the form of a verbal bitch-slap to said nun this week during a trip back to her crappy home town. For those of you keeping score at home, this is the second time Gabby has attacked a nun in a church. At least nothing caught fire this time.

Back in Fairview, Bree finally ended things with Keith — as if we didn’t all see that coming. She told him he needs to be with his son in Florida, and since long-distance relationships never work, she also told him they were over. It was a sad moment, but it had to happen. Besides, Keith will love living in Florida; David Silver was always fond of the beach.

But the one with the biggest daddy issues of all is Zack, who fought with Paul over the real reason his mother killed himself: she hated Paul! And it looks like Paul is starting to hate himself, too. He kicked Beth out of the house (“You don’t love me. No one could love me.”) and into the streets!

And while everybody else was struggling with daddy issues, Lynette’s twins had some mommy issues to deal with. She and Tom kicked them out of the house, but it didn’t take long for them to get kicked out of their new digs (aka Mrs. McCluskey’s house.) And upon their return, they dropped an inconvenient truth on her: She’s the reason they’re so helpless! She coddled them their whole lives, and now they can’t do anything for themselves! Honestly, I can relate…

Meanwhile, Susan has started using her dialysis to get special treatment around town — and it’s really bonding her with René. Unfortunately Susan’s little plan failed when she and René tried to use the dialysis excuse to get a table at the most exclusive restaurant in town. Poor Susan fell unconscious to the ground… just as it was foretold in sneak previews.

— Andy Swift

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