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Christina Applegate's Miracle Baby Girl, Sadie Grace: 'She Saved Me'

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and undergoing a double masectomy, Christina Appleagate's new daughter Sadie Grace has given her a second chance at life: 'She's my beginning.' Christina Applegate has had a rough few years -- battling cancer and undergoing recontructive surgery after both of her breasts were removed. But now that terrible pain has gone away. And it is all thanks to one moment -- giving birth to her beautiful daughter, 2-week-old Sadie Grace. "It's just a miracle and you can't explain it," the new mom, 39, tells People. "She's healed me in so many ways."

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“She’s just made my life so much better. I’ve been sad for a long time and she’s just opened my soul.”

Christina has been extremely self-concious since opting for a double mastectomy because of her family’s genetic history. “I don’t let anyone see my top half,” she says,”That whole area has remained very private.” But after 18 hours of labor and one final push, Christina’s fears went away as nurses placed Sadie on her exposed chest.

“It was such a liberating and beautiful moment,” Christina explains. “I didn’t care. It didn’t matter anymore. Not only was she the most beautiful thing that’s ever happened to me — but she saved me too. I got to abandon resentments that I’ve  held on to in that vicinity for years because [my chest] is where she feels most comfortable and where she is happiest.” Beautiful!

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Christina, engaged to Sadie’s father Martyn LeNoble, has always been weary of the word, “cancer” — especially now that it still affects her new life as a mom.

“It was in our birth plan: Don’t inform us about breastfeeding, because it’s not going to happen,” Martyn tells People.

But still, nurses and doctors asked the dreaded question, ‘So are you going to breastfeed?’ and Christina just hid her pain and simply told them she had chosen not to. Of course after nurses discovered Christina’s situation, their mood changed, but she didn’t want to talk about it.

“Because I am sad that I didn’t get to have that with her, you know?” she says. “It’s the kind of thing I always thought I would have. That special bond that mom and baby are the only ones that can share.”

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Now, the overjoyed new mom is focused on taking care of her daughter and raising her alongside the man she loves. And although she worries that her daughter may inherit the breast and ovarian cancer gene, Christina is more worried about Sadie’s daily needs, like “giving her too much or not enough formula.” The actress, who will appear in Hall Pass with another new parent, Owen Wilson, is excited that she finally found the missing piece to her life.

“That was the piece of the puzzle that hadn’t been there, and now it’s there” Christina says of motherhood. “It’ a great feeling of renewal. It’s a beginning. She’s my beginning.”

–Leigh Blickley

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