Careful With Those Cookies, Kate Hudson! Remember What Happened Last Time?

Kate loves to eat sweet treats when she's pregnant, and this tray of pastries certainly fits the bill! Yum! Kate Hudson has not been shy about going public with her baby bump, whether shopping in Paris or posing for pictures at the Grammys while she supported her baby daddy Matt Bellamy. But her latest public jaunt reveals her cravings might be getting serious!

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The 31-year-old actress toted the platter of treats she bought at a West Hollywood cafe on Feb. 14, looking super chic in an oversized t-shirt and a boho skirt. But we’re guessing she’ll make them last, as she has said she doesn’t want to gain as much baby weight as she did when she was expecting her seven year old son Ryder in 2003.

Pregnant stars’ favorite cravings!

“Kate gained 60 pounds when she was pregnant with her son,” a friend tells In Touch. “But she is trying hard not making that mistake again.”

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of when you blow up,” Kate has said of baby weight. Kate has described her cravings in detail, telling Vogue in 2007, “I would be eating ice cream, and my mom would literally pry the spoon away from me, saying, ‘You’ve had enough to last you a lifetime.'”

“The day she found out she was pregnant with Ryder was the day she took out a license to eat,” her friend reveals. “She was even eating cupcakes for breakfast.”

Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy are talking about baby names! asked celebrity wellness coach Jackie Keller how healthy it is for a mom-to-be to overindulge and she was quick to point out that pregnant women only need to consume 300 extra calories a day. “That whole eating for two concept is a myth,” Jackie tells us. “In order to ensure the fetus develops properly, those extra calories should come in the form of low-fat calcium-rich dairy products, whole grain carbohydrates, lean proteins and vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables.” No ice cream, Kate!

Matt Bellamy is stocking up on baby books!

But after the struggle she went through to drop those post-baby pounds, we think Kate will be following Jackie Keller’s advice. “Kate spent most of her time in the gym and dieting,” her friend says of her four month post-pregnancy routine. “She was determined to lose the weight, but it nearly killed her.” Tell us about your struggles to lose the baby weight, HollyMoms!

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