Lea Michele Dishes On Sexy Skyping With Her Boyfriend & Why The 'Glee' Cast Isn't Sleeping Together!

Lea also reveals why she never got a nose job and her idea of the perfect evening! Lea Michele is the polar opposite of her Glee character Rachel! The 24-year-old with the jaw-dropping pipes nabbed the cover of Cosmopolitan's March issue, and says she spends her one night off a week at home! Her perfect evening has a very specific itinerary: "Take a shower, put on a robe, pour myself a glass of wine, and Skype with Theo [Stockman, her boyfriend]. That's the best."

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Lea, who considers herself to be a “stable-relationship junkie,”  has dated Theo, who just wrapped up his role in the Broadway production of American Idiot, for two years. But she understands why people assume the entire Glee cast is hooking up.

“Everyone thinks that everyone is sleeping with everyone,” Lea says. “We spend every minute of every day together, and when we’re finished, we all go out to dinner, so of course, they think we’re hooking up. I’m so thankful that doesn’t happen. If people hooked up, there’d be awkward tension.”

The New York City native is also proud of herself for not conforming to the the body image issues prevalent in her high school.

“I’m so thankful I didn’t [get a nose job],” Lea tells the mag. “There were so many people in my school who, even if they had the tiniest bump, would be like ‘Do you see it?’ I would be like ‘I can’t.'”

We’re glad she didn’t change — she’s beautiful just the way she is!

— Chloe Melas

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