Chord Overstreet And Naya Rivera Still Hooking Up But Taking Things Slow! Exclusive!

A Glee insider explains why Chord and Naya are denying they are in a relationship Naya Rivera disappointed some of her Glee fans this week when she denied reports she was dating costar Chord Overstreet. She even walked the SAG awards carpet with Miley Cyrus's rumored ex Douglas Booth while Chord was spotted flirting with Mila Kunis. So what is really going on with Naya and Chord?

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A friend of the pair tells “Their relationship has been fun and flirty and not serious, I think they are denying things because nothing is official boyfriend and girlfriend status, so in essence they don’t want to get caught up in something that people will make serious when it currently is not.” The source continues “But for her to say that they are just friends is pretty funny, I mean honestly do you kiss your friends, grind dance them and hold their hands?”

So does this mean Naya, 24, and Chord, 21, are secretly dating? Are they exclusive? “They are in no way anything official,” asserts our insider. “They like each other, something may materialize more, which I actually would bank on but I am not surprised they are flirting with others. They are taking it slow so they don’t ruin something that has potential.”

But if the duo — who are set to be an onscreen couple soon — don’t end up working out, it won’t ruin the dynamic of the Glee cast. “People on set would be ecstatic if it develops into something more, they are both really cool, but everyone is smart enough that if it doesn’t work out, it will not effect anything work wise or friendship wise,” says our source.

Do you guys wish that Chord and Naya would get more serious? Or are you glad they are keeping casual?

Lorena O’Neil with reporting by Russ Weakland

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