'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Recap: Kyle Calls Kim An Alcoholic! Do You Agree?

In this episode of RHBH we watch as Camille continues to struggle with the ending of her marriage - and she's more than a little distraught about the entire situation. Kim and Kyle are still fighting - will they ever make up? Last week, we watched as Kelsey cruelly ended his 13-year marriage with Camille, who begged him to stay with her. In the beginning of this episode, we had to watch as the couple attended The Tonys together -- and it was a completely uncomfortable experience, even for those of us just watching! I can only imagine how Camille must have felt. She had to act like everything was fine in front of the cameras even though her whole personal life was falling apart. Later on in the episode, Camille told a friend that Kelsey ignored her the entire time, and that the whole evening was miserable.

Camille was definitely her usual self the entire episode — and who can really blame her? She was so depressed that she couldn’t even leave her house to go out for Taylor’s birthday. She said, “The pain was too great for me to go anywhere.” On top of everything, Camille even had trouble getting into her own building! She was asked for ID because no one believed that she was really Mrs. Grammer… and Camille was certain that that meant another woman was there saying she was Mrs. Grammer. Ouch!

Meanwhile, it’s Taylor’s birthday, and everyone goes out for the night to celebrate. Russell is throwing Taylor’s 39th birthday, and they’re another pair that are still trying to work out some problems. The couple is leaving to go to Mexico on vacation, where Taylor is hoping that they can work things out. Lisa says she doesn’t feel any ‘connection’ with Russell – and she speculates that maybe Taylor is more into the ‘Beverly Hills lifestyle’ then she is with being happy in life.

Despite Lisa’s attempt at playing peace maker, Taylor and Kim get in a huge fight at the party — and that only leads to a huge fight between Kim and Kyle. When all the girls get involved, Kim says that she “doesn’t really enjoy any of their company”, making Kyle furious. The drama doesn’t stop there — the sisters get in a screaming argument in their limo and Kyle calls her a liar and an alcoholic! It was definitely one of the craziest episodes I’ve ever seen!

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