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Nicole Kidman, You’re SO Lucky You Had A Baby At 43 – But If It Was Your Egg, Why Did You Use A Surrogate?

Thu, January 20, 2011 1:14pm EDT by 30 Comments

She says a surrogate was impregnated with her embryo. Fertility specialists tell us if you can produce a healthy egg you can carry a baby. So why didn’t she? Exclusive!

Nicole Kidman is basking in the joy of new motherhood, since welcoming a daughter, Faith, with husband Keith Urban on December 28. And the 43-year-old star should consider herself lucky to have been able to have her own biological child, via a surrogate, because fertility specialist Shahin Ghadir, M.D. tells that her age definitely decreased her chances of getting pregnant. “For women, as they get older, it’s usually not an issue of carrying the baby but making that healthy egg,” he explains. “Most of the time it’s difficult to produce a viable egg at that age. That’s why a lot of patients over 40 have to use an egg donor.”

Nicole insists that she didn’t need an egg donor, which is rare for someone her age. “Definitely after the age of 35 there is a decrease in your chances and after the age of 40 your fertility rates really drop,” the Los Angeles-based fertility expert tells

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When asked why Nicole, who gave birth to her first child, daughter Sunday, in 2008,  would want to undergo the grueling IVF process, yet let someone else carry the baby to term, Dr. Ghadir said that it’s not uncommon, but was quick to point out that if the star could produce a healthy egg, then she could definitely carry a baby herself. So why didn’t she?

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By using a surrogate, Nicole, was able to avoid some serious pregnancy complications that are worse for older women. “When you’re in your 40s and up, your risks are even greater. Nicole would have had an increased risk of gestational diabetes as well as preeclampsia, which is extremely high blood pressure during the pregnancy,” says the doctor. “These all go up in risk the older you get, so Nicole was playing it smart by letting someone else carry embryo.”

–Amy L. Harper

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