Eddie Cibrian's Ex-Wife Brandi Glanville Turned Down LeAnn Rimes' Request For Family Therapy! Exclusive!

Brandi tells HollywoodLife.com how she stopped group therapy with LeAnn & Eddie Cibrian Brandi Glanville is sick of going to family therapy with ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and his fiancée LeAnn Rimes -- and she's telling HollywoodLife.com exclusively why she turned down LeAnn's request! "She wants to go back to therapy, but I see no point," she says. "It helped and changed nothing the first time!”

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It doesn’t sound like Brandi, 37, will ever be convinced that she and LeAnn, 29, will ever be able to build a friendship — and while LeAnn has made no secret of her time spent in therapy, Brandi doesn’t understand why she’s even wasting her time. She says she stopped talking to LeAnn and Eddie altogether:

“We have no communication whatsoever,” she tells us. “It’s hard to deal with those two, so I’m just not. I have a zillion problems without those two clouding my days.”

LeAnn’s recent behavior on Twitter also doesn’t make it seem like she’s trying to better herself.  LeAnn protected her Twitter account, and many people seem to think it’s so she can rant about Brandi without the public knowing. The protection settings came as a sudden surprise to those of us who follow LeAnn’s Twitter faithfully. The worst part of these new settings is the loss of this unobstructed glance into LeAnn’s no-holds-barred thoughts, which previously provided endless one-liners and absurd photos, documenting her journey from eccentric home wrecker to eccentric ENGAGED home wrecker.  We don’t blame Brandi for wanting to separate herself from the drama.

— Amy Webber, reporting by Jessica Finn

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