Scarlett Johansson Feels Betrayed By Sandra Bullock Over Romance With Ryan Reynolds!

Sandra moving in on Ryan is killing Scarlett's hope for a reconciliation. Are you on Team Sandra, or Team Scarlett? It's nearly impossible for any Hollywood divorce to avoid getting messy -- and for Scarlett Johansson, her split from hubby Ryan Reynolds has been anything but quiet. The two announced their split in December, and it wasn't long before reports came out about Ryan getting cozy with his Proposal co-star, Sandra Bullock.

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Although Sandra, 46, and Ryan, 34, denied their relationship being anything more than friendly since being photographed together on New Years’s Eve, Scarlett, 26, doesn’t they’re as innocent as they’d like people to believe.

A source close to Scarlett tells the National Enquirer she doesn’t exactly have favorable words for America’s Sweetheart.

Reportedly calling Sandra a “man-hungry tramp” Scarlett’s rage stems from her lingering attachment to Ryan.

“She still has intense feelings for Ryan and feels Sandra isn’t respecting that at all,” the source says. “She feels Sandra is torpedoing any chances at a possible reconciliation by jumping right in with him! It hurts her terribly that while she’s wrestling with these huge issues about ending her marriage, Sandra doesn’t appear to have any regard for her.”

After dealing with her own painful break up from Jesse James last spring, Sandra is focusing much of her energy on her adopted son Louis and creating a new, healthy life for herself. Word that Sandra has brought Ryan into the fold of her personal life has reportedly upset Scarlett who isn’t ready to give up on trying to get back together with Ryan.

“Scarlett is hearing how much Ryan loves helping Sandra with her adopted baby Louis. Now she feels there’s little chance to win him back.”

While Scarlett has been rumored to be moving on and hanging with Hollywood hotties like Justin Timberlake and Kevin Connolly, we hope she’ll get past the drama and get back to being happy.

— Aimee Curran

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