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Here's What YOU Had To Say About Kristen Stewart Snubbing Robert Pattinson's Hand At The People's Choice Awards!

Tue, January 11, 2011 5:20pm EDT by 9 Comments

Kristen and Rob attended the PCA’s Jan. 5 in LA and there was absolutely NO PDA but Rob did try to hold K-Stew’s hand!‘s Editor-in-Chief Bonnie Fuller and our reporter Chloe Melas debated whether or not Rob was rebuffed by his girlfriend Kristen Stewart! Bonnie and Chloe had completely opposing views and it enraged all of YOU! Some of you completely agree with Chloe and think that Kristen ignored Rob, but several of our readers believe that Kristen is just awkward and didn’t mean anything by it. Watch our key comment video and see what you had to say!

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Commenters that agree with Chloe:

  • Toni: I totally agree with Chloe. I hit the rewind button on my dvr and watched it a few times in slow-mo since I was shocked at what I thought I saw. Not only did she diss him once (when they all stood up, he tried to touch her back to help her up and she turned completely away from him) then the second diss was when he went to grab her hand when they went up for the award. The expression on his face was one of total dejection. Chloe is right on when she said that Kristen will cause the demise of this relationship. She is way too immature to realize that not only is he totally gorgeous but an awesome down to earth guy. I say “dump her Rob, she doesn’t deserve you.”
  • Jocelyn: It’s more than just the extension of his hand and her refusal. If you watch it you will notice the really nasty dirty look she gives Rob when they go to accept the award and Rob starts to speak before giving it to Taylor. Not to mention how when they left their seats, while those claiming she didn’t notice Rob’s hand she went to Taylor, holding onto him and avoiding Rob and leaving him behind to not join them going up the stairs. She is very juvenile in her actions. Not saying they needed PDA, but it’s very telling how she wants to freeze him out and she is disrespectful no matter how people try to excuse it. I do not like her and I think you’ll find the main problem is not that most people are under the delusion of having Rob for themselves. It’s just Kristen and her nasty attitude and treatment of him. He’d be better off moving on already.

Commenters that agree with Bonnie:

  • Adri: I dont think its like that. I think kristen is really shy and awkard when she isnt around close friends and is super aware tht everything her and rob do is under a microscope so if she were to hold his hand or be super affectionite in a way cheapens their relationship and overshadow all the recognition their movie is getting. The headlines on sites like this wouldnt be twilight eclipse wins such and such thing it would be rob and kristen show love in public nd that isnt what they were there for, they were there to accept the awards there fans had given them and promote their new movie not their relationship. All in all their relationship is their business and they shouldnt be so critical of her , in a way that contributes to her shyness in public.
  • Sanjas: that’s so not true!!! she doesn’t have to be all over him at PCAs just to show people like you that she loves him! you know, like kristen once said, you have to keep what’s important to you yours, and i think that her keeping her relationship with rob a secret (well i guess it’s not a secret anymore LOL, remember the NYE kiss)really proves that she cares for him, and loves him…and i’m not crazy robsten fan (i love them but i’m not obsessed) so this is coming from a very rational person…there you have it! (no hard feelings please)

— Chloe Melas