Nicole Richie Makes Sure Her Kids Eat Healthy Foods: 'Sugar Is A Big No-No!'

Forget about cupcakes covered in frosting, Nicole Richie's kids, Harlow and Sparrow, eat sugar-free vegan cupcakes! And they love them! Nicole Richie sat down with the ladies of The Talk today (Jan. 4), to discuss her healthy take on motherhood -- she's an eco-mom! "We don't use battery-operated toys, we don't use plastic," Nicole, 29, explains. "Sugar is obviously a big no-no." So much so that Nicole's kids -- with husband Joel Madden -- Harlow, 2½, and Sparrow, 1, eat "sugar-free vegan cupcakes!"

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“I was at a birthday party and there was a cupcake with all this pink icing and there was a blueberry on top of the cupcake,” Nicole says, “and Harlow looked at it and her eyes got so wide and she was like ‘Ohh,’ and I was like, ‘Oh boy, here we go,’ and she was like ‘Blueberries!’ So I went to the kitchen and got her a whole thing of blueberries. And she was happy.”

Looks like Nicole’s healthy plan is working! “They’re children. Their brains are developing, their bodies are developing,” Nicole says. “You have to pay attention about what goes into their bodies and what they’re around, it’s important.”

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Sadly though, her partner in crime Joel, 31, has a totally different style of parenting! “Joel is not on the same page as me,” she says. “My kids don’t have dairy either, but Joel does take Harlow out and she comes back and I say, ‘How was your dinner?’ and she says, ‘Good, we had pizza!’ I’m like, ‘OK, OK.'” But Nicole understands that every parent has a different way of doing things, even if that means pizza every now and then for her kiddies. “I have my own ways, Joel is not me and I have to let him be a dad and I have to let him do his thing,” she explains. “And that’s their relationship. It’s not an everyday thing, but it’s not necessarily something I agree with.”

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What Nicole and Joel both seem to agree on for now is that more children are out of the question. “Right now, no,” Nicole says, “I need a nap. I need a minute.” She is happy as any mother would be and glad that her two children love each other and get along. “They’re great,” she says, “Harlow is very great with him [Sparrow] and very gentle. They are best friends.”

–Leigh Blickley

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