MTV Special 'No Easy Decision' Was A Total Letdown & Completely Glossed Over Abortion

MTV aired their highly anticipated and controversial special documenting a couple who decides to terminate their pregnancy and I was completely disappointed.

MTV had the opportunity to do something different and this was their chance to really delve into the taboo subject of abortion, and in my opinion, they failed. I waited all day to watch the Dec. 28 “stand-alone special” of No Easy Decision, featuring Markai and James, who you might recognize from the second season of Sixteen and Pregnant, deal with the repercussions of failing to use contraception after the birth of their daughter Za’Karia.

Instead of going through a detailed and normal paced show, MTV decided to cram the life-changing decision of this couple into 15 minutes and spend the remaining portion discussing everything with Dr. Drew Pinsky.

The entire point of this special, was to take viewers into a place where either A) they could relate or B) learn something, and this could’ve been fulfilled by actually docmenting their struggle, and making the special into at least one hour. The episode felt completely rushed, it was highly edited, and at times seemed staged. One second Markai is fixing James’ dreads and discussing their options, and the next, she’s passed out on the bed saying she underwent her procedure.

I realize that due to the highly sensitive subject matter of the show, that MTV needed to be very careful and certain things weren’t suited for the cable network. But overall, I felt the episode was insensitive, and Dr. Drew’s Q&A didn’t make up for it at the end.

— Chloe Melas

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