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Michelle Williams Tells Us Loved Living With Ryan Gosling: 'He Helps With The Dishes!'

Michelle & Ryan in 'Blue Valentine' were the most believable and realistic on-screen couple I've seen in a long time! For Michelle Williams, living in King of Prussia, Pa., for four weeks with Ryan Gosling, 30 while filming Blue Valentine was an amazing experience for actress. The two had to live like a real married couple for the duration of their stay -- they got by on the combined budget of a nurse and a painter's salary -- and they agreed that living together was necessary for conveying certain scenes in the movie. "We did everything; we lived together during the day," Michelle told HollywoodLife.com at the Cinema Society & Piaget's special screening of Blue Valentine in NYC  at the Tribeca Grand Hotel on Dec. 14. "He always helps out with the dishes. It was [nice]!"

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And even though Michelle first considered not doing the movie, she’s glad she changed her mind.

Derek [Cianfrance, the director] made it impossible for me to say no,” Michelle explained to us. “The film was set in California and it was supposed to be filmed there. [But] I said I was committed to staying in one place and getting my daughter to school every morning and putting her to bed at night. He said, ‘OK, if we can do that, will you do the film?’ So, it was supposed to be set in California [but] he set it on the east.”

After seeing the movie myself, I’m thrilled Michelle accepted the role. She connected with Ryan like no one else could, and Blue Valentine is the most realistic movie I’ve seen in a long time.

Be sure to check out Blue Valentine when it hits Dec. 31!

– Lindsey DiMattina