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Six Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Breaking Dawn’ Star Chaske Spencer!

Meet Sam Uley, leader of the Twilight werewolf pack, played by Chaske Spencer in the upcoming 4th installment, Breaking Dawn! Think you know everything about handsome Twilight star Chaske Spencer? Guess again! caught up with the 35-year-old actor on Nov. 8 during the The Promise Effect book launch at the Chelsea Room in NYC and learned six interesting and fun facts about this hollyhunk. We bet you didn’t know any of this!

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  • Chaske’s favorite food: Pizza! “When we’re done with Twilight … I’m going to eat so much pizza!”
  • Chaske’s a secret photog! “I love photography,” Chaske confesses. “Landscape. I’ve been loosely shooting when I’m on location. I shoot film sets.”
  • Das ist gut! Chaske’s favorite vacation spot: Berlin! “I really like the artistic feeling about Berlin,” says Chaske. “What I’d really like to do after Breaking Dawn, maybe take a month or two and hang out in Berlin. I love it there. I liked the artistic vibe and I’ve been on this David Bowie kick … Bowie in Berlin.”
  • Chaske likes country music! “I love Shooter Jennings! It’s just good music. Check him out. My favorite song is probably ‘Electric Rodeo.’ It’s kind of country/alternative rock, so I was like, ‘That’s interesting.'”
  • Chaske’s ideal girl: “Eyes, loyalty, fun and a good sense of humor. When you make fun of yourself and you’re not taking everything too seriously. I like someone who’s really down to earth. I really like that because I don’t want to be surrounded by the industry all the time. You have to get a break.”
  • Chaske can do a mean Mick Jagger impersonation! “When in the company of really close friends, I can do a pretty good Mick Jagger,” Chaske laughs. “I’ve always been fascinated by him, so when I was a kid, I grew up on The Rolling Stones. I like when he did the whole rooster walk on stage. He fascinated me.”

– Lindsey DiMattina

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