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Want To Be a Hot Hollywood Redhead Like Emma Stone? Celebrity Colorist Jason Backe Tells You How To Get The Look!

Mon, November 1, 2010 6:18pm EDT by 1 Comment

Get the insider tips and tricks on going red, straight from one of Hollywood’s hottest colorists!

Hollywood’s hottest sirens are rocking fiery red locks! Think about it: Emma Stone, Christina Hendricks, Julianne Moore? HOT! Considering taking the plunge into the red side of hair color? I know I am, so I went to straight to one of Hollywood’s hottest colorists to get the scoop!

Jason Backe, Celebrity Colorist with L’Oreal Professionnel at Ted Gibson Salon, is one of most sought-after talents in the business, with clients like Ashley Greene, Anne Hathaway and Christina Ricci vying for time in his chair. Here’s what Jason says you should ask yourself if you’re thinking about going red:

  • Does it fit your personality? “I always think that a redheaded woman is not a wilted flower. She’s either the smouldering temptress (Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge, for example) or the funny friend (think Debra Messing or Lucille Ball.) Either way, she’s someone who likes attention.”
  • Are you ready for the comments? “When you dye your hair red, you’re making a statement so be ready for reactions, both good and bad. Not ready for the opinions? You might reconsider.”
  • Do you know your complexion? “Here’s a rule of thumb: the darker your complexion, the more you should avoid copper and orange hues because they’ll look cheap. Conversely, the lighter your complexion and your eyes, the more you can get away with.”
  • Can you handle the commitment? “Red is a lot of maintenance, so you have to commit to your colorist, the salon and the money it will take to make sure it looks great. You’ll need to visit every three weeks to keep it looking fresh. “
  • Are you patient? “Please just know that even though it’s a big change, it’s a process like anything else.  So, if you’re not immediately happy with the color or you want to tweak it, don’t worry: it can be done and it will look spectacular.”

Jason works with L’Oreal INOA Hair Color, which is a revolutionary new color process that wraps the color molecules in oil so it conditions as it works (editor’s note: I am obsessed with this color process!) INOA just came out with a whole new palette of reds, so be sure to check it out!

Also, be sure to your hair less often (red is the fastest color to fade,) and every 2-3 shampoos use a color-depositing shampoo and conditioner like Ted Gibson Individual Color Captivating Copper Shampoo and Ted Gibson Individual Color Captivating Copper Conditioner.

Be sure to give yourself a deep conditioning masque once a week with L’Oreal Professionel Series Expert Absolut Repair Masque and use L’Oreal Serie Expert Absolut Repair Repairing Cream to soften your hair and keep split ends at bay.

What do you think? Would you ever go red? Vote now!

—Kristin Booker

INOA just launched a whole new palette of reds