LISTEN UP! 'Hellcats' Star Heather Hemmens Says: My Super Sexy Makeout Scenes Make Me So Nervous My Palms Sweat!

We got a chance to talk to the super talented and gorgeous villain of CW's new hit show Hellcats, and she reveals making out with her costar isn't as easy as it looks! Heather Hemmens makes crawling on all fours in super tight cheerleading clothes seem like so much fun, but it's actually incredibly nerve racking! The 22-year-old starlet had an intimate interview with about dropping everything to move to Vancouver to film Hellcats, and being thrown into super sexy scenes!

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Last week’s episode had Heather [Alice] having sex with her costar Robbie Jones [Lewis] in the high school gym, and she totally admits how crazy it was to film!

“It’s so weird, especially with someone like Robbie, you have to get over the awkwardness,” she gushes. “We’ve got the whole crew in there. I was really nervous …  my hands were sweaty and shaky. But after you do it, by like take number 30, 35 it get’s a little easier.”

Heather, who is originally from Maine, reveals she grew up without electricity and her parents go to a friends house to watch her on the show!

“I grew up in Maine in the woods without electricity,” she says. “We had wood stoves and fireplaces and it throws people off. But my parents go to their friends house to watch each week … my dad is kind of a hippie and my mom grew up in Costa Rica.”

Luckily, Heather has gotten really close to her costar Ashley Tisdale, so it helps her battle being homesick.

“We are both Cancers and are both sensitive,” she says. ” The entire cast has amazing chemistry. We just went to Vegas to celebrate Ashley’s birthday late. We go and watch USC fights, go get sushi, go to sports bars, we are together a lot. We are all a family on and off set.”

But just in case you’re hoping for more sexy scenes in tonight’s episode, you might be in luck!

“Alice is a very promiscuous character and I think we will see more hookups!”

Don’t forget to tune into the CW tonight at 9 pm ET!

— Chloe Melas