Take Drew Barrymore's Advice, Lindsay Lohan. You CAN Save Yourself!

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SplashNews.com, Getty Images

Like Drew, Lindsay found super-stardom at an early age hard to deal with – but Drew made it through and so can Lindsay if she takes the advice of an actress who’s been there, done that and survived.

Drew Barrymore is a gal who knows what it means to fight for her life. At 9 she was getting wasted, had a cocaine addiction at the age of 12 and was in rehab by 13; she escaped at 14 only to attempt suicide.

Doesn’t this sound oddly familiar to Lindsay Lohan’s troubled situation? The 24-year-old actress has been to rehab three times, jail twice and been arrested three times (she’s currently in a three-month rehab facility at UCLA) with a DUI and cocaine possession.  We think that Lindsay should look at Drew’s triumphant experiences as an example of how to  get back on the right track – both with her personal life and with her career.

“There were moments when I experienced tremendous pain with everything being so known,” Drew confessed during an interview with the Daily Telegraph. “Can I f*ing f*up or have an embarrassing moment or do anything in f*ing private?” But, then Drew realized that everyone feels the same way at some point in their lives.

Here are the tips Drew used to get back on the right track. Hopefully this advice will help Lindsay as well!

  1. Be careful of what you say! “Words are very powerful and they convey an intention,” Drew said.
  2. Have drive and “passion.” This is something that Drew can “love an relate to.”
  3. Love your career! “I love what I do,” Drew confessed. “I can’t stop it. It’s not just about acting. I love film, I’m a director now, I love writing, I love producing. I love having a company that makes films.”
  4. Have a positive outlet for your thoughts. “I love having a place to put all the ideas that are constantly bubbling up inside of me that don’t let me sleep,” said Drew. “I would go f*ing bat-crazy if I didn’t have a place or an avenue to have these.”
  5. Balance  work with a social life. “I definitely spend the last three years working too hard,” Drew admitted. “I just have to make sure I have a balance. For me, having a balance is just being able to see my friends.”
  6. If your family is messed up, make your own! “I really have created a family,” Drew aid of her Flower Films. “I work with the people I love, I travel with them, I make films with them and I’m in the office with them.”
  7. Maintain an ‘I don’t give’ attitude! “There are days when I’m thinking, ‘SUCK IT,” Drew laughed. “I think you have to have a sense of humor about it.”

“In my twenties I did want the fairytale,” Drew concluded. “But in my thirties I realized there is a truth about getting to be who you are [and] I can give it to myself.”

And Lindsay just has to remember: “The majority of people bounce back!”

– Lindsey DiMattina

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