THE FANS HAVE SPOKEN: Forget Taylor Lautner – You’re In Love With Robert Pattinson!

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You were all up in arms over our post saying Taylor Lautner was the bigger box office draw in Hollywood – and we have your comments to prove it!

All I can say is…WOW. After posting our story on Robert Pattinson vs. Taylor Lautner yesterday, some of you were downright furious to hear that Hollywood industry insiders – including agents, directors and a manger – considered Taylor, 18, to be the hottest Twilight hunk in Hollywood. Not only are you furious, but you think the pros are WRONG: a whopping 61% of you voted for Rob, 24, over Tay-Tay!

Here are some of your KEY COMMENTS on the matter…I guess all there’s really left for me to say is….R-Patz 4-Eva?


Abs Don’t Make the Man Good try but despite this article trying to make all women out to be materialistic horn dogs who cant see past a six pack, that isnt how it works. I dont want a boy, I want a man. And while Tay Tay is great for the tweens and teen crowd just like High School Musical was let’s be real. Rob has much more appeal and to a broader audience. Tweens, teens, young adults, and older women love Rob. Besides, if I wanted to see a great stomach, I would look at the new guy on True Blood. Now THAT is a body for a werewolf. Even better, just look at Kellan Lutz who is an actual man and is past puberty. Tay Tay may make the little girls swoon but Robert Pattinson is like Johnny Depp and George Clooney. He has an appeal that cant be taught, either you have it or dont and Tay Tay doesnt have it. Without the abs, Tay Tay is nothing and Rob could easily be shirtless in Breaking Dawn…what would Summit use to market Tay Tay then?

Debbie Ya he is if your a girl at the ages of 7-16 hes a little girls BOY TOY. But if you want to talk about a real MAN then you have Robert Pattinson who has the harts of the 20s and up HE is ONE sexy MAN inside and out Hes not a little boy toy like Taylor is Taylor has a ways to go before that Let the kiddies have Taylor and leave Rob for grown ups SEXY all the way YEP thats Rob.


Sarah Even though I am a Rob fan I completely agree that Taylor is the more marketable of the two…
I think the key differnce is that Taylor may well become a big hollywood star (which we all know can have a limited shelf life)…versus Rob who wants to grow as an ACTOR, and who will continue to choose character driven, indie, period pieces, rather than the big STAR driven commercial vehicle…
Taylor may well end up with the higher salary and the celebrity profile, while Rob fades into obscurity doing films that don’t appeal to a massive audience but I think of the two I know which one is more likely to end up doing something that is Oscar worthy !
Stormy C’mon People.They are both good looking young guys who appeal to totally different types of women of all ages. Rob is tall and willowy and enigmatic,Taylor is young and fit and healthy,and exudes wholesomeness. Taylor is my choice but Rob is gorgeous in a different way. They will go in totally different directions film wise,I think Taylor will have a greater range of genres to choose from, where as Rob is perhaps more limited. I can see Taylor doing anything from action, drama, romance, comedy, he’s a lot more than a nice arrangement of muscles,its just that people can’t see past that yet,cause he doesn’t have enough material out there yet.He is only 18! Rob I can see doing historical drama,romance,indie,type movies where he will exell.They’re salt and pepper, great together and on their own.End off.


Fan Pattinson needs to strike a balance of big budget films and small budget productions. No actor can focus on just one or the other. Eventually if you dont do some big budgets the smaller indie roles dry up too. Its a fine line.
I also think Rob tearing himself down in articles all the time doesnt help. People end up believing he;s a bit of a wet blanket/wus and cant see him in a more manly role. Not havign a pr team doesnt always help. Yes it makes him seem like a free spirit but it also means a lot of rubbish gets stuck to his name that doesnt get unpicked. Al big actors actually have pr reps to use the press to their advantage. The audience isnt as sophisticated as Rob thinks it is. A lot do believe the nonsense written about him. I dont think a do nothing strategy is working.
Its not a matter of taking on hulk/Thor type roles but he does need to do a few more manly roles. Its bizarre that the camper gayer actors end up playing these more manly roles. Rob is far more ruggid than guys like Lautner and he needs to show that to a wider audience. Even Di Caprio knows he has to do some films with action scenes.
I hope he doesnt shy away from big budget films in future. if he does those indie roles will dry up.

Laura Schreffler