Paris Hilton Is Desperately Chasing Her Ex-Boyfriend Doug Reinhardt — She Followed Him To France!


BFFs, have you ever been so heartbroken over an ex-boyfriend that you decided to chase him halfway around the world? Well that’s exactly what Paris Hilton is doing to her old flame, Doug Reinhardt!

As you all probably know, Paris Hilton has been partying it up in St. Tropez over the past few days. How could you have missed her “accidental” topless photos while sunbathing on a luxurious yacht on July 18. We just assumed Paris was traveling the globe as she always does, but, our insider just revealed that she purposefully went to the French island to chase down her ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt.

Doug, 24, is currently in St. Tropez for the birthday of his good friend, real estate mogul Sam Nazarian, 35. It just so happened that Paris decided to vacay on the same gorgeous island at the same time as Dougy. The two ran into each other last night, July 22 at the hot new club Le Caves du Roy located inside the swanky Hotel Byblos.

“Doug was at one table and Paris was at the other,” says our source. “Doug had no idea that Paris was even there!”

Paris and Doug broke up in April of this year, but neither have been in a serious relationship since. Their encounter was the first time they’ve seen each other since Doug was linked with former Miss World, 2008 back in June.

“Paris was just standing there staring at him,” reveals our source. “Then she got so mad that she stumbled up to the deejay booth to try and use their mic to embarrass Doug … but the deejay wouldn’t let her up.”

Paris’ only plan of attack was to try and out spend Doug by buying incredibly expensive bottles of champagne. Our source tells that Paris was with Jho Low, 28, a mysterious and chubby Malaysian party boy, who is known for dropping mad cash while hanging out with the rich and famous. Our source tells us that Jho, an alleged arms dealer, spent $1 million on Cristal and other champagne at Le Caves!

But that didn’t impress Doug, he’s doing everything he possibly can to avoid Paris.

“She has an appearance tonight at some club and Doug has already told his friends he won’t go if she’s there,” says our insider.

Paris, there’s no way you couldn’t have known Doug was going to be in St. Tropez. Stop being so DESPERATE!

Paris’ rep tells, “This is completely ridiculous. Paris has been going to St. Tropez and the south of France with her family for years.”

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