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OMG! One Seemingly Straight ‘90210’ Hottie Is Gay! But Who?

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Someone’s coming out of the closet next season! breaks down why we think Teddy is living a lie

You’re never going to believe this BFFs, but one of 90210’s main men is actually gay! Yup, that’s right – the guys are following in Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) and Gia’s (Rumer Willis) lesbian footsteps: EW has confirmed that one of the show’s hotties – reformed bad boy Liam, smart and studious Navid or rich boy Teddy – is coming out of the CW closet next season.

But who will it be? Let’s weigh in, shall we?

Teddy Montgomery

Teddy (Trevor Donovan)was a SERIOUS playboy ladies man until he met Silver (Jessica Stroup) and started getting all sappy and romantic. He’s your All-American boy-next-door: plays tennis, gets good grades, surfs like a champ and has perfectly coiffed hair while doing all three. But don’t forget – Teddy has serious daddy issues, and does whatever his rich and famous actor father tells him to. Oh yeah, and he was kicked out of his last swanky school for “bad behavior.” Like doing it in public with another guy, perhaps? How long can he stand living a lie? This golden boy is going to crack, mark our words.

Liam Court

Liam (Matt Lanter) is a reformed bad boy who became obsessed with winning Naomi’s (AnnaLynne McCord) affections after she mistakenly thought he slept with Annie (Shenae Grimes). After realizing Naomi was a liar he cut all ties and went back to brooding all Edward-style and working on his boat. Liam is THE quintessential male. He’s into drag racing, not drag queens.

Navid Shirazi

So here’s why Navid (Michael Sterger) can’t possibly be gay – he’s the obvious choice. This up-and-coming journalist is way too melodramatic, overly romantic and likes to talk about his feelings more than any girls we know. That said, Navid is just your every day, commonplace, sensitive, poetic kind of dude. There would be no shock factor if he were 90210’s new gay character – and isn’t a primetime soap all about expecting the unexpected?

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