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EXCLUSIVE! Chynna Phillips: 'How I Saved My Marriage To Billy Baldwin!'

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Chynna knows better than anyone what it’s like to feel as though all hope is lost. The singer who almost divorced her husband Billy Baldwin is now finally revealing why she decided to stick it out.

Chynna Phillips‘ lyrics to her 1990 hit single “Hold On” has become a ballad to her own life. The 42-year-old mother of three almost called it quits with her husband of 15 years, Billy Baldwin, 47. The member of the early 90s hit girl group, Wilson Phillips, filed divorce papers in a Santa Barbara courthouse this past February, just after entering rehab for anxiety. But just three days later she withdrew the papers. HollywoodLife.com spoke to the singer about what she did to make her marriage work.

“Things have never been better. Sometimes you have to walk through the dark side to get to the light side,” says Chynna. “We needed to prun and weed our relationship and we did it. We are feeling like a brand new refreshed and envigorated couple. There’s a lot more excitment and good energy.”

Chynna wants all couples who are going through a difficult time to try and “hold on” to the relationship instead of walking away.

“I would suggest don’t be afraid to walk through the dark side because that is what is going to make you stronger. Your connection and intimacy will be so much stronger. It tests the strength of your marriage … it refines your marriage.”

Chynna recently reunited with Wilson Phillips to record a Christmas album and she says Billy and her kids were incredibly supportive.

“Billy will call me after I’m recording and be like ‘how did it go? tell me everything!’ and I’ll say … ‘we sounded exactly like Wilson Phillips,” she says with a chuckle.

-Chloe Melas