Kristin Cavallari Comes Clean About Alleged Cocaine Use: ‘I’ve Used Before, But Now Drugs Scare Me!’

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The Hills hottie is denying that she touches the hard stuff, and says her idea of a party is to drink and be merry. Do you believe her?

Kristin Cavallari’s partying has reportedly gotten out of control. The Hills starlet is rumored to be using cocaine, drinking too much and refusing to eat. But Kristin wants the world to know that she’s fine, thank you very much, and that she does NOT touch drugs!

“Drugs scare me, to be honest,” the 23-year-old Hills villain said on Valentine in the Morning’s syndicated radio program May 4.

She admitted that she HAS used in the past, but is now clean. “Yeah, I have [taken cocaine before]. Nope [I’m no longer using]. I tried it in high school.” She added, “I’ve seen people in my life change because of it, and it really messes with your balance. It’s a shady, disgusting drug.”

Kristin also addressed her alleged drinking problem on the radio program. “I like to go out and have a good time,” she admitted. “It’s no shock that I like to drink. But I’m not doing anything I shouldn’t be doing.”

She concluded, “I’m off all drugs. I’m fine. I’m actually really healthy and take care of myself.”

Kristin will even address drug addiction rumors and reports she needs to go to rehab on the May 4 episode of her hit MTV show. In this clip, she asks co-star and pal Audrina Patridge, “Do you know who started [the rumors that I’m using]?” Audrina, 24, responds, “I have no idea. All I know is that Lo [Bosworth] and Steph [Pratt] thought maybe you not going out with us [in Miami over Superbowl weekend], it may be that.”

Quite rightly, Kristin asks incredulously, “Because I didn’t go out with you guys I’m on drugs? That’s a pretty intense thing just to assume.” Drama!

What do you think? Is Kristin telling the truth?

— Laura Schreffler