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EXCLUSIVE DETAILS! How Keanu Treated Charlize During Their Romantic Date Night In Beverly Hills!

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Retna, Getty Images
Retna, Getty Images

Red wine, tasty food and generous tips — insiders tell us there was no denying Keanu and Charlize’s sizzling chemistry during their fancy feast last night!

Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves were caught red-handed last night, embracing intimately after a dinner date in Beverly Hills. has all the exclusive details of the former co-star’s romantic rendezvous at upscale restaurant Bouchon May 3 — and why it looks like these friends are taking their relationship to another level!

“Keanu and Charlize were having a great time!” one restaurant employee tells us exclusively. “They were constantly laughing, almost disrupting other tables with how loud they were. They were wrapped up in each other’s conversation and having a great time together.”

Charlie, 34, and Keanu, 45, definitely weren’t in any hurry during the dinner, and took time to enjoy each other’s company, tasting several red wines before selecting a bottle and snacking on bread sticks and pistachio nuts prior to ordering their entrees.

In a grand romantic gesture, Keanu paid for the entire meal, tipping 70% on a $200 bill. The Devil’s Advocate and Sweet November co-stars — who are both romantically unattached right now as Charlize just ended her 9-year relationship with Stuart Townsend in Jan. — were even generous with the valet, each paying $20-bills to cover the $8 parking fee.

As they left the restaurant, Charlize and Keanu embraced and gave each other a light kiss on the lips — the perfect end to a romantic night on the town. We’ve watched them fall in love on the big screen — wouldn’t it be nice if art imitated life?

–Kirstin Benson