EXCLUSIVE! Alyssa Milano: Married Life Is Beautiful — You Just Have To Look For A Nice Guy!

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After so many heart aches, Alyssa has finally found a good guy!

It sucks to have your heart broken so many times, but when you finally get it right, it makes it so worth it! Romantically Challenged star Alyssa Milano knows this all too well. After a failed engagement to actor Scott Wolf in 1993 and a short lived marriage to musician Cinjun Tate in 1999, Alyssa finally met MR. RIGHT and married agent David Bugliari on Aug. 15, 2009 in his family’s home in New Jersey. And, after so many Mr.Wrongs (Alyssa also dated Justin Timberlake, Brad Penny, Carl Pavano, Brad Zito and Russell Martin), she told us, “It’s the best feeling in the world to find someone who you’re truly compatible with!”

“Married life is beautiful,” Alyssa continued when we caught up with her at the 2010 Verizon NFL Draft Eve Event at restaurant Abe & Arthur’s in NYC on Apr. 21. “I love it. It’s the best thing I ever did.”

And the reason her marriage with David works: “We don’t really live in LA, so I think that helps,” Alyssa admitted. “We live on five acres. We have 10 horses in the backyard. We both have the same sort of mentality of what we do, is what we do and has nothing to do with our relationship.”

Alyssa finally found Mr. Right by changing her expectations about the men she dated. “Look for a nice guy,” she suggests. “I think nice guys are all around. Sometimes, they’re not the more famous people. Just look for someone that’s got a real job.”

Alyssa’s new ABC show, Romantically Challenged, premiered Mon., Apr. 19. “The new show is going great. I love it, ” she said. “I’m thrilled about how it did and all of it.” Plus, “I miss the cast. We wrapped about five weeks ago for the season. I miss them terribly, but we email and text!”

We are so glad that it finally sounds like things are going right for Alyssa. She deserves nothing but a great future!

– Lindsey DiMattina

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