Gerard Butler, How Did You Lose So Much Weight So Fast?

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021010_butler_fat3Damn, Gerry is looking hot these days! The Scottish hunk is looking noticeably slimmer than he did even a month ago — but just how did he do it?

Gerard Butler definitely had a paunch on Jan. 30 – so where did it go by Feb. 15? According to Dr. Susanne Bennett, D.C., C.C.S.P., the actor lost anywhere from 10-15 pounds!

“Gerard is definitely over 200 lbs in the before photo, and in the after he looks to be around 190 lbs. He looks like he lost more weight but gained some muscle during the month of training, and since muscle weighs more than fat ounce to ounce, he appears leaner,” Dr. Bennett tells

Just what is his secret???

“Gerard lost anywhere from 3-4 lbs. a week due to a strict diet of moderate lean proteins, low Glycemic index carbohydrates, healthy oils and lots of vegetables, as well as a ton of purified water,” says the doc.

But weight loss isn’t all from eating right – the Scottish hunk, 40, needs to exercise as well. “He’s most likely doing push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and some outdoor cardio such as cycling or running. He’s not bulking up with too much muscle, so it doesn’t seem like he’s engaging in much weight-training at the gym,” says Bennett.

Is this safe? Dr. Bennett says yes, if Gerard works with a nutritionist to make sure he’s doing it the right way.

We’re not sure if Gerard is losing the weight to look good for his Bounty Hunter co-star annd rumored paramour Jennifer Aniston, 41, (or to promote the film) or to look good for his role as warrior Tullus Aufidius in the upcoming film Coriolanus. But whatever it is, it’s working! Goodbye tubby – hello total hottie!