Stripper Nicole Forrester Says She's NOT Preggo With Josh Duhamel’s Baby

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Somewhere in the world, Fergie is breathing a really big sigh of relief!

Fergie, you can definitely sleep easier tonight now that you know once and for all that your hubby of a year, Josh Duhamel, won’t be playing baby daddy to Nicole Forrester, the stripper her allegedly slept with.

“I am not pregnant,” Nicole, 34, said in a statement, released on TMZ Feb. 12. “Apparently, because of mistakes I made in the past they feel I’m fair game and can print whatever lies they want just to sell magazines – I want this to stop now.” Despite her claims that she hooked up with the 38-year-old actor, Josh has continued to deny any sort of relationship with the exotic dancer. Hm. Wonder why?

The mom of two previously went on the record saying that her relationship with Josh began when they met in an Atlanta strip club in 2009. Though there has never been evidence the two got down and dirty, Nicole thinks any suggestion that she has a bun in the oven is untrue and unfair. “This has not only hurt me but other innocent parties, including my children, who have to deal with the bully tactics of other children – that is not fair.”

Nicole, we know this hurts you – but just think how Fergie must be feeling – and so soon after renewing her wedding vows, too! Just think how their vows must have gone at this most recent ceremony Jan. 8: Josh, “I do solemnly swear not to get another woman pregnant….”

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