Brooke Mueller: If You Really Were Drinking While Pregnant With Your Twin Boys, It Was Very Dangerous!


If Brooke Mueller was really drinking while she was pregnant with twins Bob and Max, 9 months, it is NOT okay!  Aren’t you really concerned for her boys?

If you’re anything like us, you are completely shocked and worried over the alleged reports that Brooke Mueller entered rehab for alcohol abuse — while five months pregnant with twins Max and Bob! It’s clear that Brooke and Charlie Sheen, her husband and the star of CBS’s Two and a Half Men, have their share of problems (they even need to have sober coaches with them at times!) but putting the little ones at risk is taking it to a terrifying extreme.

Dr. James Scibilia, a pediatrician at Heritage Valley Health System in Beaver, Pennsylvania, spoke to about the dangers of drinking while pregnant. “There is no amount of alcohol that you are able to drink while you’re pregnant that’s safe,” says Dr. Scibilia. “With pregnant women every bit of alcohol can have a toxic effect.” reports that Brooke went into rehab for alcohol after sources found bottles of liquor in the then-pregnant actress’ car.

The biggest concern about drinking while pregnant is that your child will suffer from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Unfortunately, there isn’t a test to properly diagnose FAS, but there are warning signs: “When a child has FAS they will have a thin upper lip, a long space between their nose and lip, and the central part of their face is less developed,” says Dr. Scibilia. “Also, the child is usually small, and poorly under grown. The alcohol stunts the child’s growth.”

For those of you who are under the impression that drinking at any point of your pregnancy is okay — think again! “A child’s brain is developing the entire time during pregnancy. Alcohol will affect the child at every point along the way,” says Dr. Scibilia. “The facial features are developing at the beginning of the pregnancy and learning problems can develop at any point.”

So Brooke could have potentially put her sons in terrible danger. Radar Online reports that one of the twins was born with a heart condition and supposedly the couple had a huge blowup over it. 

Brooke, we know that you’ve had a very troubling past when it comes to substance abuse. You’ve even been arrested twice — once for a DUI and damage to property charge in Sept. 1996, and then, just a few years later, a third-degree felony charge for cocaine possession in Mar. 2001! We just hope that your little babies have managed, in their few months of life, to remain safe.


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