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Tiger — If You Really Told Your Wife She Ruined Thanksgiving, That's Your Biggest Crime…And Here's Why!

Tue, December 1, 2009 10:15pm EDT by 6 Comments

Elin has every right to be angry over all the allegations about her husband!!

Photographed by Todd France on location at Robert Verdi's Luxe Laboratory

Tiger Woods—Is it true that you accused your wife Elin of “ruining Thanksgiving” by arguing about your alleged affair with Rachel Uchitel before storming out of your house and crashing your car?

That story, reported by, is the most disturbing anecdote I’ve heard since the start of this whole Tiger Woods maelstrom./

I hope it’s not true. Because if it is—it paints the picture of a man who is so narcissistic and insensitive, that it raises real questions about your ability to ever be a good husband!

If that story is true, it gives me a sick feeling in my stomach. As the former Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Marie Claire, I’ve heard many tales about the guilty man technique—a guy is guilty of misbehavior and to throw his woman off his misbehaving trail, he accuses her of bad behavior.

Let’s just say…hypothetically…that what went down on the night of Nov. 27 in the Tiger Woods home was this: Tiger’s wife Elin read the National Enquirer story about his alleged affair with Rachel Uchitel. Whether or not it’s true, doesn’t even matter. Elin could be upset either way. She expresses her hurt, concern, betrayal,…whatever. Then boom, instead of getting a loving concerned and reassuring response, Tiger lashes out and accuses her of “ruining Thanksgiving!”

If in fact that did happen—it’s behavior that is almost more destructive than if Tiger had in fact had an affair.

“It’s almost emotionally abusive,” asserts psychotherapist, Dr. Rhonda Findling, author of Don’t Call That Man. “Instead of being allowed to feel hurt and upset, the woman feels far worse because she’s being made to feel even further upset by something she didn’t do, it’s enough to drive someone crazy. Maybe that’s why she went after him with a golf club”…that is…if she did.

113009_elin_tiger_woods_INFphoto_148519“Tiger’s yelling (that Elin ruined T-Day) could be a real indicator that someone’s trying to hide something, especially when they do the bait and switch,” speculates relationship expert, Maryanne Comaroto, author of Hindsight: What You Need to Know Before You Drop Your Drawers. “What better way to turn the tables and place blame away from you and someplace else.”

Wow! Tiger, I sure hope that this incident didn’t happen! Especially now because, with a new younger woman now claiming to have had a long, sexual affair with you—you have to be deeply empathetic to your wife.

“If this is a lie and not true,” adds psychiatrist Dr. Jenn Berman, “then you would hope Tiger would come from the place of, they (the media) have hurt you, Elin, hurt our family, we have to stick together and weather the storm. It wouldn’t be, ‘You ruined Thanksgiving!’”

Amen! I couldn’t agree more!