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Best Friends Forever: Leven Rambin & Shoshanna Bush

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They share their secrets for making a friendship work!

There’s nothing more important in life than your BFF. “Grey’s Anatomy” starlet Leven Rambin and Dance Flick’s Shoshanna Bush let us in on the secrets of their friendship during a beauty day at the Valerie Beverly Hills makeup studio.

“I heard about her every day for three weeks and I had to meet her,” says Leven of Shoshanna, whom she met three years ago through friends. “She was infamous.”

Adds Shoshanna, “The thing is, it’s hard to find positive people in our lives. Especially as actresses, when we’re constantly being torn down. So to have somebody who is positive, and wonderful and supportive, it’s the best. It’s hard to find and I’m lucky I found it.”

All together now: AWWWWW.

They’re lucky gals to have found the other halves. But, like most girls, they do have to deal with some drama. Thankfully, the ladies are willing to share their friendship rules with the rest of us!

#1: RESPECT. “Respect each other’s space and work and family time,” says Leven.

#2: No jealousy. “I’d be happy for her and she’d be happy for me if [we were competing for the same role],” Leven promises.

#3: Share important news with your bestie first. “I was the first one who knew she booked [“Grey’s Anatomy”]. She called me and we just started screaming!” says Shoshanna, who is currently auditioning for a guest part on “90210.”

#4 Distance doesn’t have to make the heart grow fonder. “We BBM all the time and we have sleepovers [when we’re on-set filming]!” says the “Grey’s” girl.