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‘Survivor’ Castoff Admits She ‘Didn’t Fit’ This Season — But There’s A Lot We Didn’t See

Thu, April 20, 2017 2:45pm EDT by Add first Comment

This week’s ‘Survivor’ castoff will be the first to admit she doesn’t consider herself a ‘game changer,’ but there’s also a lot we didn’t see when it came to her gameplay. got the EXCLUSIVE scoop from the contestant herself!

Hali Ford was the first of two Survivor contestants voted off on the April 19 episode. caught up with her EXCLUSIVELY after her elimination, and we learned a lot about Hali that wasn’t portrayed on TV.

You seemed to be a swing vote several times during the game, which I don’t think is necessarily always a bad thing. Was it part of your plan? Why weren’t you able to make solid alliances?

No! I’m a solid alliance kind of girl! I’m, like, loyal to the death. Troyzan was a strong ally of mine, Michaela was. I don’t think they showed a lot of the core alliance conversations I had with those two, but I was really comfortable with them. It’s just not the way the numbers shook out with me, so I ended up in this floater position, which apparently didn’t work.

Did you have any idea Cirie was going to turn the vote from Michaela to you?

There were a lot of powers and forces in play. I knew that Cirie and Michaela were tight. I didn’t know it was only between me and Michaela until later in the day, though. I thought Zeke genuinely an option. Cirie and I had a lot of Zeke conversations and Cirie has this incredible way of making you feel like she has your back. Michaela expressed that really well in the episode — there’s something about her that makes you feel secure. She’s on your side when she’s completely not. I was a little surprised to see how much Cirie was gunning against me. During the day, she and I had a lot of constructive talks. It wasn’t until the last hour or so that she got cold toward me.

What was going on around camp before the vote?

I was running around like crazy! I was giving the schpeel to everyone, trying to be like, ‘Guys, this is a point where numbers can shake down. Like, I am on your side.’ I went up to Brad, Sierra, even Cirie, and I tried to pull in Debbie, Aubry, Troyzan and Michaela, getting these strong numbers to start taking out some actual threats instead of just biding time on this stupid vote that puts them in a worse position.

‘Survivor: Game Changers — PICS’ 

Before the game, you questioned yourself about if you met the ‘game changer’ title. After being out there playing, do you think you deserved it?

I don’t know about a ‘game changer.’ If I lined myself up with everyone who’s played Survivor ever, I don’t even know if I’m in the top 100 (laughs). I didn’t fit in on this season. Personally, I’m happy with what I did out there. I think I played a good personal game, but some of the people who should’ve been on this season weren’t.

How did you change you game from the last time you played?

Externally, I don’t know how much it came across, but internally, it was like night and day. In the first game, I was focused on issues going on back home. I was kind of a space cadet and not present. This time, I was fully engaged. I didn’t think about anything except the game when I was out there. So for me, I’m comfortable with what I did out there.

Take us back to the Malcolm vote. You were in the middle of both tribes, and you even had to stop Jeff Probst because you weren’t ready to vote. What happened?

I wasn’t changing my mind — I was trying to change the original Mana tribe’s mind. I didn’t like working with Sierra and all them. I wanted to be with Jeff and Malcolm and Michaela and Sandra — I enjoyed those people. And I was really trying to reach out to them and be like…Hey, y’all, why don’t we work together on this vote? I’ll be a number with you and take out Brad. That’s what I wanted to happen, but they weren’t taking the bait. They felt really comfortable with JT, and they just wanted to keep it all locked in and stay for the perfect plan. I had no idea an idol was in play, though, so I don’t know how much help I could’ve been.

Why were things so weird between you and Sierra? I thought people who played on previous seasons together would want to work together.

I don’t know what the deal is. I’ve tried to reach out to Sierra in the game a lot. Outside the game, I think she’s a super cool girl. I have nothing against her. She’s really sweet-hearted, and it’s impressive what she does — she’s, like, a rodeo queen. But it seems like she has something against me and kind of has a chip on her shoulder about me.

Would you play again

I’ve been asked that a lot and the answer is YES! I’d love to go back. But I think other people should play more than me. If people want to see me play more, sure, but I just think there’s other people who should play.

HollywoodLifers, were you sad to see Hali go?