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Mother Gives Birth To 13 Pound 4 Ounce Baby Without C-Section

Tue, July 30, 2013 6:28pm EDT by 33 Comments
Germany Biggest Baby

That’s one big baby! Baby Jasleen was born naturally on July 26 — and she weighed 13.47 pounds! But what undiagnosed medical condition caused the bigger-than-normal baby?

Oh, baby! Jasleen was born on July 26 at University Hospital in Leipzig, Germany, weighing in at a whopping 13 pounds, 4 ounces! And while most babies her size are delivered via caesarean section, baby Jasleen’s mother delivered her daughter naturally!

Germany’s Biggest Baby Born WITHOUT C-Section

Jasleen was delivered naturally on July 26, weighing 13.47 pounds and measuring 22.6 inches long, making her the largest newborn in Germany, surpassing a baby boy named Jihad who was born in Berlin in 2011 and weighed 13 pounds. Both mother and baby Jasleen are doing well, though the newborn remains hospitalized in the neonatal care unit.

The medical term used for babies who are born weighing more than 8 pounds, 13 ounces is “fetal macrosomia,” which makes vaginal delivery difficult and increases the risk that the baby will have health problems after birth.

What Caused Baby Jasleen’s Higher Than Average Birth Weight?

German newspaper Der Spiegel explains that Jasleen’s mother had a previously undiagnosed case of gestational diabetes, citing the medical condition as cause for the baby’s birth weight.

“This condition, which develops at around the 24th week of pregnancy, can lead to a larger than usual baby size,” according to Mail Online.

Baby Jasleen NOT The Biggest Baby Born This Year

While Jasleen may be a big baby, breaking the record in Germany, would you believe it if we told you that she’s not the biggest baby born this year? George King was born to a British couple in March, and weighed 15 pounds, 7 ounces!

— Lindsay Goldstein

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