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9-Year-Old Rape Victim Who Gave Birth Could Actually Be 15 Or Older

Fri, February 8, 2013 4:41pm EDT by 8 Comments
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The 9-year-old rape victim who made headlines after giving birth Mexico is reportedly much older than her mother told the hospital.

A young girl from Zapopan, Mexico, “Dafne,” made headlines Jan. 27 when she gave birth to a 5.95 lbs. baby. Although the girl’s mother originally told Mexican authorities that her daughter was nine years old, Dafne’s doctors claim that is not her actual age, according to the Daily Mail.

‘The medical characteristics of this child do not correspond to those of a nine-year-old girl,” the Jarisco health commissioner Antonio Munez revealed in a press conference on Feb. 7. “She could be much older than that, it appears she is more than 15-years-old.”

This shocking revelation raises major questions about why Dafne’s mother and stepfather would lie about her age. One explanation is that since Dafne has yet to start school, her mother lied about her age to make it easier to get her in. Dafne’s neighbors claim that her mother is a prostitute and lied for a much darker reason: she is trying to turn Dafne into a prostitute too and a nine-year-old comes at a higher price than a teenager.

Dafne did present a birth certificate, but the certificate mysteriously appeared only a year and two months ago when she was told she needed one to apply for school. Investigators are working hard to figure out when Dafne was actually born.

“We are going back through the archives to try and find out exactly when she was born,” Jose Ramirez, media coordinator for the Jarisco Prosecutor’s office, assured. “She is not originally from here so we are having to do a thorough search. The girl will be given a medical examination to see exactly how old she is. It is highly likely that the girl is older than nine years old.”

If Dafne is actually 15 or older, having sex with her 17-year-old boyfriend would no longer be a crime because it is only against Mexican law to sleep with someone 14 or younger.

Lina Ginzalez Corona, spokesman for the Jarisco Prosecutor’s office told MailOnline that there haven’t been any charges filed against Dafne’s boyfriend. “The girl is still insisting that it is her boyfriend who got her pregnant. The problem is that we don’t know where the guy is so we are looking for him,” he said. “‘When we find him we will see what he really did. This is an active investigation and we are pursuing it.”

— Jenny Pickard

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