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'Gossip Girl' Recap: Dan Kisses Blair, Plus 4 More 'OMG' Moments

Mon, February 13, 2012 10:10pm EDT by 75 Comments
Dan Blair Kiss

Lonely Boy turned not so lonely on Valentine’s Day on the Feb. 13th episode of ‘Gossip Girl” He finally he got the kiss for which he had been longing.

But unfortunately for Chairleaders — like myself–  it wasn’t the dream for which we were hoping. At all.

After returning from her honeymoon with Louis (Hugo Becker), Blair (Leighton Meester) decided to kick off Valentine’s Day by setting up her two best friends — Serena (Blake Lively) and Dan (Penn Badgley).

But after forcing them to be at the same place and the same time, hiring actors and sending them luxurious drinks and desserts, the only person Blair set Dan up with was herself. And obviously S wasn’t too happy about this. After Serena confessed to Dan that she was still in love with him, Blair thought there could still be hope for the two, which is why she went above and beyond to set them up. But once Blair noticed Dan wasn’t having it she asked him flat out “what will make you happy?” And he didn’t hesitate to show her what would make him happy through a KISS.  Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg), who is now gossip girl, managed to take a pic and Serena followed right behind her, seeing the entire disaster go down.

I honestly can’t BELIEVE Gossip Girl is headed in this DAIRING direction. Blair is not supposed to be with Dan. She is supposed to be with Chuck (Ed Westwick). And that is that.

#1 Chuck hooks up with Dan’s book agent

After Georgina snapped of photo of Blair and Dan’s kiss, she went right to Chuck to show him the evidence. He then rushed to Dan’s book agent to take her up on her promiscuous offer.

#2 Serena defriends Blair

Serena has absolutely had it with Blair. First, Blair tried to reconnect Serena with Dan and then she’s kissing him in Chuck’s room. The once-BFFs are no longer on speaking terms and frankly, I don’t blame Serena. Blair is being a really bad friend.

#3 The REAL Charlie Rhodes finds out about Chivy

Chivy (Kaylee Defer) returned to the UES to speak with Lily (Kelly Rutherford), but instead ended up at a party at the Empire that the REAL Charlie was catering. (Nate (Chace Crawford) set that one up.) Turns out they knew each other from acting school in Florida! Isn’t that crazy that Chivy knew about the real Charlie Rhodes ALL along? I can’t believe it. But now, thanks again to Nate, the real Charlie knows that Chivy was pretending to be her. I wonder what she’ll do next…

#4 Blair’s creepy assistant is in love with Louis

Now that Blair is officially a princess she has an assistant that follows her every move, but apparently she’s there for another reason, too. She’s in love and obsessed with Louis. Gross.

As we know from the preview, Dan and Blair’s kiss wasn’t just a one time affair. I hope Blair snaps out of it soon…

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Do you still believe there is hope for Chair?

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