Nick Jonas's Strong New Woman, Delta Goodrem, Just Broke Up With Her Fiance, Beat Cancer & Is Sober!

Mon, May 16, 2011 3:16pm EST by 10 Comments


It takes a lot for girls to get Nick Jonas’s attention, but it’s no surprise he’s attracted to Australian pop star Delta Goodrem. She’s eight years his senior, just split from her fiance, survived ‘homewrecker’ claims and has beat cancer — talk about a strong lady!

When Nick Jonas stepped out at the movie theater May 15 with Delta Goodrem, the first thing that struck us was her incredible beauty…and then her age. At 26, the gorgeous Australian pop star is eight years Nick’s senior! However, Delta is no ordinary girl — shes’ been through so much, it’s no wonder an old soul like Nick is attracted to her.

  • She’s gone through relationship hell, and back.When she was undergoing her treatment for cancer, Delta was in a relationship with Australian tennis player Mark Philippoussis, to whom she even dedicated a song because he was so supportive. Unfortunately for her, he was reportedly caught cheating with Paris Hilton nine months into their relationship. Then, Delta fell in love with Australian singer Brian McFadden and was even engaged to be married in 2007. When Brian and Delta first got together in 2004, critics accused her of breaking up his marriage to former Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona, with whom he has two daughters. Delta has since spoken out about the claims, saying she’s human first and foremost, and isn’t a “homewrecker.”
  • Delta’s battled for her life. When she was 18, Delta was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and had to undergo treatment, while she was also releasing an album. Since beating the cancer, Delta regularly visits hospitals and sick children, and spreads awareness about the illness. Similarly, Nick suffers from diabetes and has become a spokesperson about the disease.
  • Much like Nick, Delta is used to living life in the spotlight. She signed to Sony records when she was only 15 years old AND starred on a popular soap opera. More than 10 years later, she’s had eight number one singles in Australia, plus all three of her albums have reached number one too.
  • Nick is the most serious out of the three Jonas brothers. Not only has he said he wants to someday run for president, he’s the most noticeably charitable brother and possesses great maturity for his mere 18 years. Thus, we’re not surprised he’s head over heels for Delta — especially, because his brother, Joe, also goes for older girls. Ashley Greene was two years his senior, and she’s also a strong, older woman!

    How do YOU feel about Nick’s new lady? Were you taken completely off-guard that he has a new girlfriend, like we were? Sound off below!

    Kirstin Benson

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    Obsessed LOL

    Posted at 6:51 PM on April 13, 2012  

    Seriously people.. Some day all these celebrities like Nick Jonas or Justin Bieber, Or.. David Henry is going to get married, As will all of us. Then we will relise then they were just teen celebrity crushes. You could send death threats, Call her names, or just simply hate delta because shes dating nick.. But seriously a true relationship wont break apart because of a few obsessed fans like you , if it was ment to be. But obviously it was NOT ment to be because they split. So stop sending death-threats to others girlfriends/boyfriends and get one yourself. Im 12 by the way. Pathetic. Bahhahaaha

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    Posted at 8:11 PM on March 26, 2012  

    Age difference? Age shouldnt matter at .

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    Posted at 11:18 AM on February 12, 2012  

    Nick Jonas, HELLO, she may be the perfect one for you, but there is an pretty big issue and that is the age difference. I am positive she would find someone that will make her feel just the way you make her feel. Your having people calling her Cougar, which is true right now, but it don’t have to be. I am positive that there is someone for you, too. Someone better and who will make you both pretty happy.

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    Posted at 9:57 AM on February 4, 2012  

    Ahh please Brian’s a douche. Delta is….well a homewrecker is a homewrecker no matter how much she denies it, and a cougar? Is she trying to be the next Demi Moore? Jonas brothers are not even hot.Delta and Abbie Cornish, geez Aussie girls like to homewreck..

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    Posted at 4:31 AM on November 12, 2011  

    OMG HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN. delta was my idol until i found this out. I cant believe that she would become a cougar to nick. 1:HORRIBLE INFLUENCE NICK

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    Heida Lind

    Posted at 4:12 PM on October 20, 2011  

    Actually, Brian McFadden is an Irish singer and he was a member of Westlife. Seriously, don’t those people check it out before they start writing stuff?

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    The Boy

    Posted at 5:16 PM on September 14, 2011  

    On Nick Jonas, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Joe Jonas Demi Lovato

    he knows that am not trying to hurt him at all hes one of the nicest guys that you’ll never meet because I understand what he going through before he almost 18 years old but I wanted to tell him I’m sorry I have repsect for him as the texan because I wish I could be there for his birthday this year I wanted to know he better behave himself he is a good man because his brother Joe give something back like Speical Olympics Texas is an Organization where you take chidlren and adults with Disabilities Speical Olympics is giving something back for your Community and she didn’t know about that I hear that Los Angeles, Cailforina is hosting 2015 Speical Olympics because there’s hope and there suggle I’ve been through a lot since been troucher in high school he and other Celebrities know that they say Speical Needs kids can give something back Celebrities they should get inovled in Speical Olympics they can ask Joe Jonas how he got inovled He Hosted his IWin Run in San Antonio, Texas last year 2010 but they should know that am not trying to interpeted their lives I know i’ve been around the business I’ve started Speical Olympics since I was a rookie it’s seem like they should know you have a bullseye painted on your chest I saw her when she came to Allen, Texas where she was dressed as me where she was looking at me she scared me to death then she almost shot me in Alrington in May 26th where she was catching the bad guy then she raise the gun at me then she didn’t know that she was aiming at someone that they didn’t know about.

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    Posted at 8:41 PM on May 19, 2011  

    I like her as a person, but i do not think they should be together, like really, she is in her mid twenties and was just engaged and he’s still a teenager! Not a good match, so: I like him, i like her but not together in the romantic sense of the word.

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    Jade Beal

    Posted at 9:16 PM on May 16, 2011  

    Brian McFadden is a British singer, he was part of boyband, Westlife.

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    Posted at 7:52 AM on May 27, 2011  

    Emm Brian McFaddan is actually Irish. Seriously, get your facts straight if you are going to publish something!

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