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'Breaking Dawn' Werewolf Chaske Spencer Shares His Tips For Bulking Up!

Thu, November 11, 2010 4:48pm EDT by 2 Comments
Courtesy of Summit, Getty Images

Courtesy of Summit, Getty Images

Want your boyfriend to get into vampire-fighting shape? Chaske tells you how to make it happen!

He’s the leader of the pack … literally! Chaske Spencer, 35, who plays alpha werewolf male “Sam Uley” in the Twilight saga, knows what it takes to get that hot six-pack that he and the rest of his werewolf pack show off in the upcoming fourth installment, Breaking Dawn. caught up with the star Nov. 8 during the The Promise Effect book launch at the Chelsea Room in NYC, and he spilled all the secrets to getting in Twi-hard shape!

Here’s what Chaske’s doing to get in shape for Breaking Dawn:

  • Get a trainer: “I’ve got a trainer at Crunch and we’ve been working together for months.”
  • Gain weight if you need to build mass: “Before New Moon, [my weight] was 170 pounds. I’m like 205 right now! I went through my little chunky phase and that was great because I was just eating and eating. Summertime I was eating everything I could.”
  • Then get cut by dropping the carbs. “Now that I’m trimming down, I’m cutting out carbs. I’m drinking three to four protein shakes [a day] and no bread!”
  • Eat smaller meals! Chaske suggests four to six tiny meals a day.
  • Get those legs moving! “I’m running like four to six miles a day.”
  • Lift weights and bench press! “[My trainer] put two 45 [pound weights] on today. We start off at 12 repetitions, then we go to 10 and 8. But, he’s spotting me as well.”
  • Give yourself one day a week to cheat! “One day a week, I eat what I want. ‘ll have pizza or a burger or something.”

There you go! Now you know how those sexy werewolves get their incredible bodies — so go ahead and share his tips with your boyfriend so he can buff up his bod too!

— Lindsey DiMattina