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Tiger Woods' Mistress Loredana Jolie Writes Tell-All Book Detailing Tiger's Sexual Fetishes & Fantasies About Men!

Mon, October 25, 2010 8:53am EDT by Chloe Melas 9 Comments
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The alleged mistress claims Tiger loved to watch girl-on-girl action, have threesomes, AND Loredana says Elin was a total gold digger — do you believe it?

One of Tiger Woods‘ many mistresses has decided to kiss and tell.

Loredana Jolie, a 27-year-old naked model from the Bronx, claims that Tiger had very explicit sexual fantasies and that they even acted out some of them together. Loredana has decided to compile all 20 of her sexual encounters with the disgraced golfer in a book, The Real Diary: Lessons from the Good Time Girl to Champion, which is set to hit bookstores right around the anniversary of Tiger crashing his escalade last year.

“He liked to watch girl-on-girl and the girls would occasionally join us,” she writes in the book obtained by the New York Post. “I would make him fantasize. I would ask him what if I had another guy here with me while he was there with me. It kind of turned him on a little.”

Loredana also revealed Tiger’s size — the private kind. She claims he was, misusing the adverb, “largely endowed.”

But Loredana doesn’t stop there, she goes on to attack Tiger’s ex-wife Elin Nordegren, and basically blame his cheating on her!

“Obviously they didn’t have such a close relationship because if I was in his house where the hell was she?” she writes. “If I had my husband, I would make sure I know [who] was coming to my house. At that point I started realizing it was more or less financial reason why they were married — she was in it for the money.”

Jolie also claims Tiger had more than an addiction to sex.

“Tiger was kind of addicted to pills. I saw him taking sleeping pills and painkillers. He had a sever sleeping disorder and he could not sleep at night.”

Will YOU pick up a copy of Loredana’s sexual “diary” when it comes out next month?

— Chloe Melas