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Hey Jennifer Lopez! Get These Four Products to Help the Appearance of Cellulite!

Tue, October 19, 2010 4:56pm EDT by 2 Comments

Check out how to minimize the look of those dreadful bumps and dimples!

When this photo of Jennifer Lopez performing in Puerto Rico came across my desk, I winced. Not because La Lopez looks anything but fabulous, but because as a woman I KNOW how annoying cellulite can be! Most of us have it (see also: poor Bristol Palin) and it’s just frustrating. Here’s how to make it less visible:

Although strength training in addition to cardio are the best ways to get rid of it, you’ll need to help break it up. This is where scrubs like Cake Citrus Squeeze Better Bod Rub and nubby soaps like Bliss Serious Seaweed Cellulite Soap really help to massage the area and break up the appearance of cellulite.

Daily use of products like Bliss Fat Girl Slim help as well. The skin-firming cream contains qusome-encapsulated caffeine to give your skin a firmer, more taut appearance.

Finally, one of the best ways to mask the appearance of cellulite is to use a self-tanning product that covers the area and gives the skin uniform color. Tarte CelluFIGHT™ Anti-Cellulite Self-Tanner is genius: a self-tanner that contains anti-cellulite and skin-firming complexes. Love!

Sometimes Mother Nature plays little tricks on us that we don’t like with things like cellulite. Tell her to back off with these fabulous products that can make that little problem way less noticeable!

–Kristin Booker