5 Of The Best Spin Shoes That You Can Wear On Your Indoor Bike Or Peloton

Finding the best spin shoes for women is no easy task but don't worry, because we've made this selection process easy with our cycling shoe guide.

best spin shoes for women
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Looking to get into indoor cycling? Well, you can’t just buy ANY pair of spin shoes. You need to pay attention to the following factors: the type of pedals the shoes are compatible with; whether or not they come with cleats; and what type of cleats will clip onto your indoor bike. Our roundup of the best spin shoes for women contains a wide variety of cycling shoes, which are all compatible with different types of pedals (i.e., DELTA or SPD). We also listed an option that has built-in cleats that’ll attach to your bike, and one that comes with the cleats which you can install yourself — take a peek below:

1. TIEM Slipstream Indoor Cycling Shoe (Compatible With SPD Cleats)

We of course have to start a list of the best spin shoes for women with the No. 1 best seller in this category of footwear on Amazon: TIEM’s Slipstream shoes. There’s a reason these pair of spin shoes are a best seller, too, because they are designed with function in mind. First of all, one of its greatest assets is its SPD compatibility, meaning that the shoes can clip on to a pair of SPD cleats — which you’ll need to purchase separately, we must add — that will allow you to then connect to the pedals on your indoor bike. If you’re looking for something that’s compatible with a Peloton bike, however, read on.

You also won’t be dealing with a mess of shoelaces, which can be dangerous on a high-powered bike (cue that scene, where Amy Schumer’s character falls off her spin bike in I, Feel Pretty). Instead, all you have to do deal with is a single strap closure — which is basically the same as slipping the shoes on and off. And if sweaty feet are your foe, the mesh toes on these shoes should help out with that problem. $135, amazon.com

best spin shoes for women

2. Tommaso Pista Indoor Cycling Ready Cycling Shoe (With Delta Look Cleats)

This pair of black and pink shoes from Tommaso Pista actually does come with cleats installed. So, if you’re looking for just shoes, we suggest taking a look at the other options on this list. The cleats on these cycling shoes are compatible with LOOK DELTA pedals — which is what Peloton bikes use. if you’re looking for a pair designed for SPD pedals, check out the other bundles on Tommaso Pista’s Amazon page! This is another shoe for sweat-prone cyclists since it’s made with “moisture-wicking breathable liner.” Many Amazon reviewers were also happy to report that these spin shoes fit wide feet just as well. $104, amazon.com

best spin shoes for women

3. SHIMANO SH-RP1 All-Rounder Cycling Shoe (Compatible With SPD & SPD-SL Cleats) 

Many of the kicks on this list don’t double as walking shoes, so we wanted to include a pair that does. SHIMANO’s SH-IC300 Confidence Inspiring Indoor Cycling Shoe is adaptable to both your indoor bike and a trip to the grocery store since it’s built with a rubber sole that can still clip onto SPD pedals. $100, amazon.com 

best spin shoes for women

4. Venzo MX Cycling Riding Shoes (Comes With Peloton Cleats)

Don’t want to go through the hassle of buying separate cleats for your spin shoes? We get it. To save you time and research, here’s a pair of cycling shoes from Venzo that already comes with DELTA cleats (which are compatible with Peloton bikes). From the velcro straps to purple geometric stripes, these cycling shoes are also a tribute to the aerobics-loving workout culture of the ’80s. You’ll stand out in your virtual Peloton class! $75, amazon.com best spin shoes for women

5. Santic Cycling Shoes (Compatible With SPD-SL Pedals) 

If you’ve been wanting a pop of color in your spin workouts, these firehouse red road cycling shoes from Santic should satisfy that need. Off the bat, these three-strap shoes are compatible with the “Shimano SPD-SL system and look system”; while SPD-SL pedals are normally associated with road cycling, the shoes also work with Peloton bikes (which several Amazon reviewers also confirmed). These shoes are also gender-neutral! $70, amazon.com 

best spin shoes for women


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