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Ryan Black: 5 Things To Know About The Hunky ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Star

Ryan Black is one of the farmers looking to find everlasting love in 'Farmer Wants A Wife.' Get to know this country boy as the season gets underway!

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Ryan Black
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  • Ryan is one of the Farmer Wants A Wife suitors.
  • Ryan is from North Carolina.
  • Ryan is ready to ‘start the next phase’ of his life.

Ryan Black is looking for lasting love in Farmer Wants A Wife, which premieres March 8 on FOX. He is one of the four farmers who will be searching for “the one” amongst a group of single women. The ladies will be leaving behind city life for country living to see if they have a spark with Ryan.

So, who is Ryan Black? This 32-year-old country cowboy wants to rodeo his way into the next chapter. HollywoodLife has rounded up everything you need to know about Ryan.

Ryan Black
Ryan Black on the farm. (FOX)

1. Ryan is a bona fide cowboy.

Yes, Ryan is basically a real-life Yellowstone character. Ryan is a cowboy who raises horses and trains them for a living. Ryan was “born from a legacy of farmers and is a third-generation cowboy, as most of his family owns farms across the state,” according to AXIOS Charlotte.

2. Ryan is from North Carolina.

Ryan is originally from Shelby, North Carolina. He has a ranch in Gastonia. He studied at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

3. Ryan still believes in chivalry.

“One of the most chivalrous things a man can do, it may sound deeper and it’s really not, is listening. Just listening and paying attention goes a long way,” Ryan told AXIOS. The rancher hopes his love story will begin on Farmer Wants A Wife. “I’m excited to start the other phase of my life and finding love would be awesome,” he said in his introduction video.

4. Ryan also flips houses.

In addition to raising and training horses, Ryan flips houses for a living. He frequently shares photos on his Instagram account of the houses that he’s flipped.

Ryan Black
Ryan Black is one of the ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ suitors. (FOX)

5. Ryan is on Instagram.

Ryan is on Instagram under the handle @rblack24. He has over 5,800 followers. He shares photos and videos of his time on his farm, riding horses, and more.