Dexter Darden: 5 Things To Know About The ‘Saved By The Bell’ Actor, 30, Who Is JoJo’s New Fiancé

JoJo got quite the Christmas gift with a surprise engagement from her boyfriend Dexter Darden! Find out all about actor who stole the singer's heart!

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Dexter Darden
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JoJo, 31, had a lot to celebrate this Christmas as she got an epic proposal from her boyfriend! Taking to her Instagram on Dec. 25, the “Too Little Too Late” hitmaker revealed Dexter Darden, 30, asked her to marry him during a holiday getaway to the La Concha Resort in San Juan, Puerto Rico. “Forever with YOU? Sign me UP. celebrating Christmas a whole fiancé!!! the most thoughtful, creative, positive, handsome, strong, loving, uplifting human being asked me to marry him. so obviously I said YESSS!!!” she wrote alongside adorable pictures of the couple.

Now fans want to know all about the man who is set to walk down the aisle with the singer. Below, learn more about the entertainer who swept JoJo off her feet!

1. Dexter Is A Triple Threat

Dexter Darden
JoJo had a lot to celebrate this Christmas as she got an epic proposal from her boyfriend Dexter Darden (pictured). (Eric Charbonneau/Shutterstock)

Although Dexter got his big break as an actor in The Maze Runner franchise playing Frypan, he is also a triple threat as a singer and dancer. “I do take pride in being able to dance and do take pride in being able to act, and I do take pride in being able to sing,” he told Schon! magazine. “And I’m really lucky that Saved by the Bell is allowing me the opportunity to show people that multilayered newness to my abilities as an actor and then as an entertainer.

2. He’s On The Saved By The Bell Reboot

Dexter is officially a member of Bayside High’s Class of 2020! The actor landed the role of DeVante on the Saved By The Bell reboot, which just returned to Peacock for its second season. He spoke about the pressures of being part of a new version of such an iconic sitcom. “I mean, anytime you step into a reboot of something that was a show or a movie franchise or anything as popular as Saved by the Bell, you always feel a little bit of pressure,” he told Schon!. “You just want to make sure you do the original justice and find a new and creative way to make it as special and as current as possible, and hopefully we did that.”

3. Dexter Absolutely Adores JoJo

Dexter gushes about his beautiful wife-to-be any chance he can get! During her birthday celebrations on December 20, the actor couldn’t say enough good things about her, writing on his Instagram, “Happy Birthday To the Brightest Star In My Universe, The Beat To My Heart, The Woman I prayed for @iamjojo! Jo Thank you for challenging me, Pushing me to be the best Man I can be, and Making me smile when no one else can. You are Gift from God to the world, and the best present I’ve ever received. TO THE MOON AND BACK, I got Your back!”

4. He’s A Family Man

Dexter surprised JoJo by flying members of both families to Puerto Rico for the surprise engagement. He made sure both his mom and JoJo’s mom were there to share in the love! How sweet! He even picked up the tab to fly in the couple’s best friends to celebrate the special event!

5. Dexter Is A Poet

Dexter is very active in the Black Lives Matter movement. On his Instagram in May 2020, he shared a poem about the fight for racial equality called “Silence,” which received a huge outpouring of support. “I’m really, really happy with the amount of receptiveness that it got and the amount of people that it affected, because as a young Black man in America, it’s really important that [it can help] people see things from my side of view,” he told Schon!.⁣



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