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‘Murder Mystery 2’ Ending Explained: Who Kidnapped The Maharajah?

Nick and Audrey Spitz risked their lives to find the Maharajah and bring him home safely. So, who kidnapped the Maharajah? Let's talk about that final twist.

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Jennifer Aniston Adam Sandler
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Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston reprise the fan-favorite roles of Nick and Audrey Spitz in Netflix’s highly-anticipated Murder Mystery 2, which is out on March 31. After the events of the first film, Nick and Audrey quit their jobs to run a detective agency full-time. They don’t have as much success from the jump, but that all changes when they’re invited to The Maharajah’s wedding on a private island.

Jennifer Aniston Adam Sandler
Jennifer Aniston Adam Sandler as Audrey and Nick Spitz. (Netflix)

The night before the wedding, The Maharajah is kidnapped and held for ransom for $70 million. Immediately, Nick and Audrey put on their detective hats to solve this mystery and get Vik before it’s too late. They round up a list of suspects, including The Maharajah’s fiance, ex-girlfriend, and his sister.

The dashing Conner Miller, a former MI6 hostage negotiator, soon arrives to take over the investigation. However, the kidnappers demand that Nick and Audrey are the ones who deliver the ransom money in Paris. When they get to Paris, the investigation immediately takes a dangerous turn.

Nick and Audrey demand all the potential suspects meet them at the Eiffel Tower. The Maharajah arrives in the elevator with a bomb strapped to his chest. The kidnappers want the money now. Nick, having read Conner’s book, knows that the bomb isn’t going to go off before the kidnappers get the ransom money.

Soon, there’s another explosion. Conner is still alive and has been behind the kidnapping from the very beginning. He also plans to kill them all. Conner takes the ransom money and prepares to leave, but Audrey jumps on his back. They both wind up dangling from the Eiffel Tower. They make it to the top, and Conner reveals he’s also going to be blowing up the Parisian landmark.

Nick fights Conner’s goons while Audrey and Conner face off at the top of the Eiffel Tower. She still has her hands on the ransom money. In a scuffle, Audrey is thrown over the edge of the Eiffel Tower and is only hanging by a wire. Nick and Conner fight as Audrey tries to get to safety. The ransom money eventually goes flying all around. Audrey grabs the gun that fell during Nick and Conner’s fight.

Mark Strong
Mark Strong as Conner Miller. (Netflix)

She accidentally shoots Nick while aiming for Conner. But Audrey is savvy and has a Plan B. She knows Conner is still attached to his wire, so he’s thrown over the railing and falls down the Eiffel Tower. He lands just above the helicopter that’s about to use a machine gun to kill the others. Conner isn’t safe for long. He’s killed by the helicopter wings, which causes a massive explosion and crash.

Nick, Audrey, and the others think they’re safe now that Conner is dead, but there’s one final twist coming. As everyone is decompressing, Audrey thinks that Saira, The Maharajah’s sister, is bleeding. Saira says her henna is just smeared. This makes Audrey pause. Something doesn’t feel right.

Audrey confronts Saira in front of everyone. She never saw Saira during the welcome dance, and she showed up right after the elephant arrived at the party on the island. Audrey points out one major flaw in Saira’s master plan. “Once henna sets, it doesn’t smear,” Audrey says.

Saira tries to deny her involvement, but she’s been exposed. She’s also behind her brother’s kidnapping because she was angry that her parents gave him the family business. She grabs a gun and tries to kill her brother again, but the Colonel takes a bullet for The Maharajah. Saira is about to take another shot when Claudette knocks her out with a briefcase. “Not in my town,” she says.

Kuhoo Verma
Kuhoo Verma as Saira. (Netflix)

In the wake of all that’s happened, The Maharajah and Claudette decide to elope. Nick and Audrey go to the love lock bridge and leave a lock there. The Maharajah gives them a bag with $10 million and tells them they can go anywhere they want on the honeymoon they deserve.

On their trip, the helicopter pilot, who handed them the bag of cash initially, holds them at gunpoint and demands they hand over the bag. He takes their bag of money and jumps from the helicopter, leaving Nick and Audrey back at square one.

For those wondering, there is not a Murder Mystery 2 post-credits scene. Hopefully, Nick or Audrey can fly a helicopter!