Alexei Navalny’s Kids: All About His Two Children

Alexei Navalny is a dad to a daughter and a son with his wife Yulia Navalnaya. Find out everything you need to know about both kids here.

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  • Alexei Navalny is the head of Russia’s Opposition Party.
  • He’s been married to his wife Yulia since 2000.
  • Alexei and Yulia have a daughter Daria and son Zahar.

Alexei Navalny has been one of the key figures leading Russia’s opposition movement to combat corruption for years. While he’s currently serving a sentence in a prison on fraud charges, he continues to have support worldwide in his efforts to fight back against the government and Vladimir Putin’s rule.

Alexei Navalny poses for a photo with his wife and two children. (Shutterstock)

Despite the imprisonment and the hospitalization when he was poisoned in 2020, Alexei has continued to have the support of his family by his side. He’s been married to his wife Yulia Navalnaya since 2000, and they have two children: a daughter Daria, 22, and a son Zahar, 14. When the documentary about Alexei was nominated for an Oscar at the 95th Annual Academy Awards, his wife and children attended the event in a show of support for Alexei. Find out everything you need to know about Alexei and Yulia’s kids here.

Daria Navalnaya

Alexei and Yulia’s older child Daria (who also goes by Dasha) was born shortly after the couple got married. She’s a student at Stanford University. While it’s not clear what she’s studying, she has become a strong advocate for her dad and has joined her mom in speaking out and calling for her dad’s release. She has made videos calling for justice for her dad to spread awareness, and she’s given speeches calling for his release as part of the Free Navalny campaign. She spoke at the 2021 Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy, where she also accepted the Moral Courage Award on his behalf.

Daria speaks as she accepts the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought Award. (Shutterstock)

Dasha has also given tons of interviews to speak about her father, and as the Navalny documentary became nominated throughout award season, she attended many events and ceremonies, including the Oscars, where it won the Best Documentary category.

Zahar Navalny

Alexei and Yulia welcomed their younger child Zahar in 2008. Still only a teen, there is not much information available about Zahar, but he’s been present at award shows with his mom and sister for the documentary Navalny. While he hasn’t been as outspoken as his mom and sister being only a teen, both Yulia and Dasha have included shots of him on their Instagram accounts and family photos with Alexei.

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