‘Married At First Sight’ Reunion Exclusive Preview: Justin & Alexis Reveal They Slept Together On Their Honeymoon

Host Kevin Frazier gets the tea on Justin and Alexis' honeymoon during the 'MAFS' reunion, and it turns out they don't have the same feelings about what went down.

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The Married At First Sight reunions are all about confessions and big reveals. Host Kevin Frazier asks Justin and Alexis in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Married At First Sight season 15 reunion about whether or not they consummated their marriage much earlier than everyone thought. He asks if they slept together on their honeymoon.

Married At First Sight
Alexis during the ‘Married At First Sight’ reunion. (Lifetime)

There’s a pause at first before Alexis says, “Don’t look at me.” Justin is the one to reveal the truth. “Yes, we consummated our marriage on the honeymoon.” Alexis quips, “We tried to.”

Justin is confused by Alexis’ response. “We dabbled in some adult things,” she adds. Justin says, “In her eyes, it wasn’t very long. In my eyes, I’m like you penetrate. I penetrate. And that’s what it was. Whatever she wants to call it, we had sex the first night of the honeymoon. We had sex on the third night of the honeymoon. Like, we orgasmed.”

Alexis gives a look that says maybe that was not the case. “It sounded like you did,” Justin tells Alexis. There’s an awkward silence between them. “I did,” Justin admits. Alexis replies, “If that’s the story Justin wants, then I’m fine with that.”

Married At First Sight
Justin and Alexis of ‘Married At First Sight.’ (Lifetime)

Alexis started out this journey ready to commit to one person for the rest of her life, according to her Lifetime bio. She’s authentic, self-aware, comfortable in her own skin, can recognize her own triggers, and loves the person she’s become. She is ready to put it all on the line for a chance at finding real love.

Meanwhile, Justin needs help finding a woman who will appreciate him wholeheartedly. He’s a giver and a doer; with the help of the experts, he knows he will put the Married At First Sight experiment to good use and be the best husband possible. Married At First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.

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