Remy Ma Reveals ‘Having A Kid’ Helps ‘Keep Things Spicy’ In Her Marriage To Papoose: ‘It’s Easy’

Remy Ma and Papoose are going strong! The married rap icons apparently have no trouble keeping things hot, as Remy admits having a young daughter actually help their relationship!

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Remy Ma and Papoose just celebrated their fourteen years of marriage in May, and things continue to blossom in the romance! “The kids helps with keeping things spicy!” Remy explained on the HollywoodLife Podcast, while discussing her marriage with Papoose and raising their four-year-old Reminisce MacKenzie. “We’ll hug, and she’ll always want in on every hug, she wants in on every date, she wants in on everything! So, the second she’s asleep, it’s like oh, let’s go! We gotta try to get in where we can fit it in, you know?”

The legendary rapper laughed, “We’ve spent time in closets! Hiding! It’s pretty easy when you have a kid, very spicy!” At the same time, Remy admitted it’s “not easy” balancing motherhood, work, and marriage all at once. “It’s difficult, but it’s something as moms we have to do. We have to figure out how to work while we’re pregnant, we have to figure out how to manage work and school, work and being a wife, and work as a carpenter, a chef, a gardener and all these other things that just fall on our plates as women, as moms, and as wives,” she explained. “It’s just something that we do.”

Remy Ma & Papoose. (Shutterstock)

The multi-hyphenate has picked up acting, recently, and is currently a host of VH1’s My True Crime Story, which returns for its second season on Monday, August 29th. “I think the first person aspect of it, when we get to hear from the people who are actually involved in everything, the before, the during, the after, the ‘Where Are They Now?’. These are crimes, but they’re not something that’s so crazy, to where they’re painted as these villains,” Remy said. “You could kind of understand, to some extent how it got to where it is.”

Remy Ma & Papoose. (Shutterstock)

The Grammy nominated rapper was sentenced to 8 years in prison following an incident in 2007, and her own experience with incarceration and redemption has changed her views of the criminal justice system and encouraged her to get involved with projects like My True Crime Story. “As someone who has experienced it and has been directly affected by the criminal justice system, there’s no ‘reformation.’ There needs to be a deconstruct, tear down, obliterate, installed over from the beginning. That’s how I feel,” Remy said on the podcast. “If I have to settle for reform, then fine. But ultimately, there’s just so many things that are wrong. I feel like it’s a system that’s been in place for many, many years and things are different, times is different, people are different, things have changed. And it needs to restart from the ground up, in my opinion.”

Tune in to VH1 on Monday, August 29th at 10 PM ET for My True Crime Story. Listen to our full interview with Remy on the HollywoodLife Podcast here. 

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