‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Preview: Whitney Helps Reignite Heather’s Dating Life After Divorce

Whitney is a true friend. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of 'My Big Fat Fabulous Life,' she tries to help Heather meet a new man with a creative night out.

Whitney’s looking to jumpstart Heather’s dating life after her divorce in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the August 23 episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Whitney’s got 4 different guys for Heather to choose from, and she’s asking some very creative questions to figure out who could be a match for her best friend.

Whitney wastes no time asking some tough but clever questions. She asks the men if they could “instantly attain as skill,” what would it be? Most of the men have pretty tame answers. However, one guy says that he’d like to “always find the G-spot every single time.”

Whitney and Heather quiz the guys on the painting date. (TLC)

Heather is a little bit taken aback that things are getting frisky very quickly. Whitney follows up by asking all the guys about their “secret sexual fantasies.” The men dish out their answers without hesitation. Heather doesn’t even know them yet!

The men all have to paint their version of Heather. They each have to reveal their paintings to Whitney and Heather one by one. The paintings are all interesting in their own way, but some are definitely better than others.

“I am glad it’s not going to come down to just whose painting I like the best because I am really happy with how they all turned out except Curtis’s,” Heather admits. Heather doesn’t make a decision about any of the men on the painting date, but at least she’s getting out there!

Heather is a single mom to two kids, Eli and Ava. Heather previously dated Buddy Bell, who is also best friends with Whitney. Their relationship didn’t work out, and he’s now engaged to Courtney Marsh.

Heather is looking to date again after her divorce. (TLC)

As Heather is trying to get back out into the dating world, Whitney’s relationship with the French Man is still going strong. “I did spend the summer in Paris,” Whitney said in a previous episode. “I did end up staying a few weeks longer than I had anticipated, and it was wonderful. I met the French Man. I would say we hit it off, but we had already hit it off, so it just felt like a natural continuation of what we started through our phones.” My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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