The Weeknd’s Talking Voice Shocks Fans In New Video: Watch

Fans cannot get over The Weeknd's 'beautiful' speaking voice. Listen to his voice in a clip of a fun fan interaction here!

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The Weeknd
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A recent fan interaction with The Weeknd that was posted on TikTok by the fan, Joshua “Swagman” Felder — who also happened to be one of The Weeknd’s backup dancers for his 2021 Super Bowl performance — has fans in shock. The 20-second clip, which went viral on Twitter, shows the 32-year-old Canadian superstar having a chat with Joshua backstage at his Miami, Fla. show. For many fans, it was their first time hearing The Weeknd’s speaking voice, and several admitted his voice sounds much different than they expected in the best way possible.


I remember going viral in the SuperBowl Halftime show from last year with @theweeknd! Here I am now meeting my homie in person! I’m thankful I’ve reached celebrity status for this! 🙏🏾

♬ original sound – Swagman Felder

“That’s what he sounds like? I would’ve never thought,” one Twitter user wrote below the eye-opening clip. “His voice is SO beautiful, I would literally faint if he talked to me with this much enthusiasm, ugh he’s so amazing,” another gushed. A third user said his speaking voice has convinced them to see him in concert. “Bruh this guys normal voice sounds 10x better. Now I’m low key down to join y’all for the concert,” they tweeted. Yet another swooning fan wrote, “i don’t hear him speak often, so it’s so exciting when i do. his soft lil voice makes me smile.” Who knew a simple conversation could have such a serious effect on fans?

The whole conversation between Joshua and The Weeknd was caught on video, and they chatted about where Joshua is from. “I thought you were gonna come to the Tampa show,” the “Starboy” singer said with a smile after hugging Joshua. “Are you from Miami originally?” Joshua than said he actually is from Tampa, but made it to the Miami concert. They then reminisced on the Super Bowl, and The Weeknd enthusiastically said, “We’ll do it again”. Joshua then asked the star for a photo, to which he replied, “Yeah of course!”

The Weeknd
The Weeknd performs on stage (Photo: Brandon Nagy/Shutterstock)

The interaction also had fans impressed with how kind The Weeknd was. “The Weeknd’s energy made it seem like he is the fan to the other guy,” one person pointed out. A second impressed user called the singer “humble”, while a third person said he seems like “such a sweet guy”.

The Weeknd is currently on his After Hours Til Dawn tour in support of his most recent albums, Dawn FM and 2020’s After Hours. After his Miami show, where the viral interaction occurred, The Weeknd gushed about how great of a time he had. “MIAMI… impossible to explain the feeling in that room last night. hands down the best party in the world,” he said.

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