‘RHOBH’: Lisa Rinna Breaks Down In Tears Over Her Mom’s Death At Dorit’s Charity Dinner

Dorit threw a charity dinner to benefit the homeless during the Aug. 10 episode of 'RHOBH', but Lisa and Sutton's ongoing feud stole the spotlight.

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After Dorit and PK Kemsley debuted their new teeth during the Aug. 10 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, they decided to throw a charity dinner to benefit the homeless. The charity actually aims to help homeless people without teeth regain their smiles. Dorit revealed she was inspired to join the board after fixing her own set of chompers, and we think it’s a sweet way for her to give back to the community.

Anyway, Dorit and PK invited the whole gang to their house, including a very special guest. But before anyone could meet this mystery person, Lisa Rinna and Sutton Stracke got into another fight. It was actually Kyle Richards who initiated the spat — before the dinner, Kyle asked Lisa if she really told Sutton to “get the f*** out” of her house last week, and Lisa said she didn’t. But Sutton said she did, so when everyone was in the same room together, Kyle urged them to set the record straight.

Lisa tried explaining why she asked Sutton to leave her house — even though she still claimed she didn’t use the word f*** — and it just led to a big screaming match in front of all of Dorit’s guests, which included people from the charity and her own dentist, who said he’d give a free smile to one person in need.

Fortunately for those guests, however, Dorit asked Lisa and Sutton to put a pause on their fight so everyone could enjoy a performance from the special guest of the night — Melissa Etheridge! She sang “Come To My Window”, and it moved everyone. So much so, in fact, that once she was done, Lisa refused to fight with Sutton anymore.

Lisa’s anger quickly turned to tears, as she revealed she’s been “in a lot of pain” since her mom’s death. She said she’s been directing a lot of her anger towards the wrong person — Sutton — and Sutton didn’t deserve that. Sutton told Lisa that it was okay, and she understood, but Lisa said it wasn’t okay. She then cried even harder, as her friends rallied to her side in her time of need.

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