Soul Singer Florencia Andrada Instills Empathy For The Less Fortunate In ‘Dueños del Terror’

After witnessing how ‘some of the richest people’ complain about the restrictions of the pandemic, Argentine soul singer-songwriter Florencia Andrada unleashes her fury in ‘Dueños del Terror’

Some things exist beyond the confines of language. The joy of seeing another day. The sweat on the brow of those working to make ends meet. And, as felt in the new song from Argentina’s Florencia Andrada, the rage at those whose hearts are without an ounce of empathy but are packed to the brim with selfishness and greed. In “Dueños del Terror,” Florencia delivers a soulful anthem, blending in the classic sounds of the ’70s and ’60s with her modern R&B vocals. The Spanish-language song glows with emotion, of anger and sadness – and that translates well into the accompanying video.

“I wrote this song during the 2020 strict quarantine. It’s called ‘Dueños del Terror’or ‘Owners of Terror,’” Florencia shares with HollywoodLife. “ Here in Buenos Aires some of the richest people started to complain about the restrictions. The song talks about how even in the darkest times some people are unable to put themselves in someone else’s shoes, to have some empathy. Teachers, doctors, the homeless, the people that live in the poorest neighborhoods where the most affected as always but the ones complaining were the rich ones, that always blame the poorest for all the problems in the world while they continue stacking their millions.”


“I’m a little bit angry and disappointed as I sing the song,” she adds. “It’s a very special song for me because it’s the last one I recorded with my dearest friend and sound engineer Ariel Feder who died in April 2021 due to Covid-19, so this adds an additional meaning to the song.”

“Dueños del Terror” is evidence that Florencia Andrada is an undeniable talent. The rising star made her first promotional tour of the United States in 2018, wowing audiences in Los Angeles and New York. Expect more soon. This new song arrives on the heels of “El Imperio,” her debut single with the Los Angeles-based label My Grito Industries. Florencia, who released two albums independently (2012’s Otra Realidad and A Pesar de la Tormenta in 2016), is set to release her next full-length LP on My Grito Industries later in 2022.

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